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An Introduction to IT Service Management

IT Service Management

IT Service ManagementIT service management is a client-focused approach of delivering IT services. It concentrates on providing value to the client and building on customer relationship. It offers a framework to structure information technology related activities as well as the interactions of IT personnel with clients and vendors.

One Path Systems discusses this field below.

As a Service

The process is a form of customer service, because the parameters defined in IT service management are clear, deliverable and offer good value to the customer. The service allows customer to do business without worrying about the technology that runs it.

Like any service though it should evolve according to the needs of the client, as well as to respond to the advances in technology.

Key Process

Note that defining a service is the key to achieving service management. Defining the service means allowing both the customer and the service provider to learn their limits and capabilities.

A clearly defined service informs customers regarding service offerings, such as what the service does and does not have. It also informs them of its limits, including how to request the service and the means for assistance.


The sphere of IT service management often overlaps with ITIL, or information technology infrastructure library. This is a comprehensive suite of the best practices, standards and procedures. It aids businesses and individuals to manage IT services in a well-structured format.

The process ensures meeting necessary service standards within the organization and with third-party vendors.

The advantages of an IT service management suite are many. It improves business operations by integrating IT processes with current processes, and creates a reliable support to handle customer needs and technical issues as they arise.

Training to Fly: Aerial Yoga Instructor Training

Girl Practicing Aerial Yoga

To become an aerial yoga instructorGirl Practicing Aerial Yoga, you have to undergo anti gravity yoga teachers training programs. This is an aerial exercise trend that provides a great workout. Aerial yoga strengthens and stretches your muscles without stressing your vertebrae or joints.

Becoming a teacher is easy as long as you attend the certified courses, explains AntiGravity Fitness. This is how.

Training Programs

There are varied levels in this certified instructors’ program. There are fundamentals 1 and 2 that you need to complete before you can move up the advanced courses.

Beyond the fundamentals, five more levels await you. This means that if you want to teach, you have to get a proper instructors’ license by completing these levels. Of course, have the venue of your classes approved by the concerned authorities.

Eligibility for Training

The hybrid form of this exercise combines yoga, dance, Pilates, aerial acrobatics, calisthenics and gymnastics. The fitness form focuses more on stretching, strengthening and calisthenics. Therefore, you need to have a good physical background to receive this training. Besides having a fit body, you should have passion for this form of exercise, a willingness to learn, extreme patience and strong desire to master the technique.

In some institutions, they require a previous certification in Pilates, yoga or similar programs. You may also need to have at least level 2 certification in physiology and anatomy.

Additional Qualifications

Apart from the above, the additional qualification that will help you train better for this program is having previous teaching experience in a group. This will ensure that you have the skill to take charge of a room full of students and know how to maintain order.

You should also have a positive outlook, as this will help your students feel empowered and successful. This is vital, as this is not a normal strenuous work out but a playful form of conditioning the mind, the body and the spirit.

Aerial yoga is fast becoming one of the most versatile forms of yoga, and one of the most enjoyable and freeing. Teaching it is rewarding in itself, but for you to do that, you need to undergo a strict training regimen yourself.

Poking and Puncturing: Acupuncture Helps With Infertility

Pregnant Belly

When you say the words ‘acupuPregnant Bellyncture’ and ‘fertility’, you would have a hard time linking them. In modern medicine though, acupuncture helps in fertility through unorthodox means.

Acupuncture is a means to stimulate nerve ends under the skin. This encourages the body to fix its problems on its own without any medication. Acupuncture, as its name implies, involves puncturing the skin with special needles. This may sound painful, but this is not the case.

Fertile Concepts compiled some information about it below:

How Does Nerve Stimulation Help?

Acupuncturists believe that the body is a complex system that functions like a circuit board. The practitioners believe that the energy of life circulates in a particular pattern through this circuit; this energy, called the life force or the chi, is responsible for our well-being, and diseases or illnesses happen because something obstructs the flow of chi.

When healing infertility problems, the practitioners look at the various connected organs. Acupuncturists stimulate the nerves connected to these using their practice.

How Do They Treat Infertility?

Organs connected with infertility include the kidney, spleen, liver, uterus and the gall bladder, according to acupuncturists. For instance, the kidneys have to function well for the body to produce oestrogen hormones, which helps in the production of healthy eggs and follicles.

The patient receives holistic treatment so that she attains good general health condition, making it easier for her to conceive. Related symptoms such as anxiety, vaginal dryness, urinating during the night, lack of energy, dark circles under the eyes and premature grey hair, are all part and parcel of infertility treatment.

Age Doesn’t Matter

This mode of treatment even helps women above 40 to conceive. This is a safe method for conception. It also helps women who are under the IVF mode of conceiving.

This treatment best combines with a balanced diet and herbal supplementation. Some practitioners claim that only 3 to 5 months of this treatment is enough, when the patient observes proper diet and takes the prescribed supplements.

Acupuncture is a time-honoured tradition, which has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine. Its widespread use is a testament to its effectiveness, and used for hundreds of years to treat all health issues in the Orient – including infertility.

Private Dentistry: Difference from NHS Dentistry

private dentist

private dentistWith the government jumpstarting the NHS scheme for dental care, most dentists took to this practice in addition to their private clinics. In both cases, the dentist offers a similar array of treatments, although there are exclusive advantages when you consult a private dentist.

Here is a look at those.

Treatments Offered

Most dentists provide basic and cosmetic dentistry, but some only specialise in one. Private dentist Manchester residents trust perform both, which includes procedures such as:

  • Implants that replace missing teeth.
  • Veneering and crowning to repair broken, chipped or cavity-filled teeth.
  • Cavity treatment that removes a decaying tooth and replaces it with a dental filling.
  • Treatment of gum infection or periodontal disease.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures include such techniques as teeth whitening and alignment correction that brightens your smile. Others involve:

  • Bridges that is helpful for aligning teeth.
  • Dentures that replace missing teeth.
  • Invisalign that is the modern way to aligning teeth in an inconspicuous manner.
Additional Services

While NHS and private practitioners have no significant differences, perhaps only the individual skill of the dentist, some health care services still consider private dentists as better. These are due to the following reasons:

  • Choice to decide which dentist you want to consult.
  • You can visit the same dentist every time.
  • Greater flexibility when making appointments.
  • The dentist listens to your problems with a patient ear.
  • He gives you more time to discuss your needs.
  • The appointments are longer, more frequent, and more intensive.
  • The treatment is personalised.
Wider Range of Treatment

With a private dentist, you can expect a wider range of treatment including the services of a hygienist that gives you more effective oral care. Moreover, a private dentist gravitates toward the latest technologies and equipment to give patients the best care possible.

In addition, private dentists accept most insurance plans, putting to rest your concerns of exorbitant costs.

For basic dental care and cleaning, an NHS dentist is serviceable. Still, if you need intensive dental care tailored to your preferences and oral situation, dropping by a private dentist’s clinic should be your go-to option.

Blanket History Warm-Ups

Mother Reading To Her Kids In Bed

Blankets, if you don’t know it by now,Mother Reading To Her Kids In Bed are large pieces of cloth that cover the body for warmth, especially during sleep. This came into being when prehistoric man skinned the carcass of an animal and used its fur to drape over him, benefiting from its insulating properties.

People generally do not mind blankets as long as they are comfortable, with design only a distant and secondary priority. Still, blanket maker Minky Couture laid down some uncommon facts about the history of blankets below.

An Eponymous Etymology

Not many know that the word “blanket” used to be the family name of a person, Thomas Blanquette, commonly Anglicised as Thomas Blanket. Blanquette was a Flemish weaver who invented a woolen weave that gave rise to the modern blanket – almost 700 years ago, in 1340!

Blanquette pioneered the use of woolen weaves for warmth, and linen for lighter ones, most during summer where its skin-friendliness is better suited for the balmy weather.

Native American History

In the late 1600s, two Frenchmen established the Hudson Bay Company in modern-day Canada. This company traded with the Native Americans in the area, and the most popular ones were European blankets in exchange for furs. Until 1779, blankets were not a staple in trade, until the Hudson Bay Company board of directors decided that blankets become a mainstay in bartering with the Native Americans.

Chief of these – pun intended – were the so-called “chief’s blankets”. These were blankets with a base color of off-white, and featured strong stripes of green or red. This and other types of blankets were so popular that Native Americans would sew them together and wear them as robes and coats.

Modern Blankets

These days, blankets are available in a range of options, depending on material and fill. You can now even use an electric blanket for additional warmth, invented in the first half of the 20th century. Quilts, duvets, and comforters are among the subtypes of blankets, with varying levels of thickness, and some blanket manufacturers even custom-make luxury blankets.

Blankets are one of the staples of sleeping, and some bed and mattress makers bundle it with their products. This is one of those things, like the wheel, created perfect already, and need no further refinement in their design because they just work as they should.

Dry Garden Dilemma: Protecting Your Garden During Drought

drought garden

drought gardenGardening is considered a laidback activity. But, there are times when gardeners themselves can become quite anxious. This usually happens whenever they come face to face with drought.

Drought is an extended period of time where an area receives very little to no rainfall. This could spell disaster for plants, as the latter needs water for its nutrition. Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning landscaping company in Perth, recommends the following garden maintenance tips:

1. Make sure you get the right kind of soil.

If you live in an area where drought can be expected, make sure you have the right kind of soil. Sandy soil might not be the best choice, as it is ineffective in retaining water. On the other hand, while clay soil might be able to retain water, it also has the tendency to get quite hard when exposed to extreme heat. One way of dealing with this is to mix some moisture control products. You can also go for loam soil, as it can retain water without getting hard. You can also stock on water, so you have something to use during the drought season.

2. Mulch your soil.

If having the right kind of soil is not enough to keep supplying your plant with the right amount of moisture, you can always choose to have about 2 to 3 inches of mulch on top of your soil. Mulch is not only great when it comes to maintaining moisture within your soil. It also helps make sure that weeds do no grow around your plants. Keep in mind that weeds can steal moisture.

3. Minimise your use of fertiliser.

Putting fertiliser on your plant encourages growth. This would, in turn, mean an additional need for water and nutrients. Now, since the fertiliser is unable to gather enough moisture for the plant, it could start to build up and cause the roots and stems of your plant to burn.

These are just some of the things that will help your garden stay healthy even when there’s a scarcity of water. Remember, water is a precious resource, so make sure to conserve as much as you can.

Buying Used Office Furniture: A Quick Guide

furnitures office

furnitures officeWhen you start a fresh venture, one of your goals is to minimize the expenditure to save on the starting capital. One good way to save money is to buy second hand furniture for your office instead of brand new ones. Used office furniture can give you more benefits that just money saving. They can help you retain the resale value and are more environment friendly.

But, with used furniture, you need to be extra careful about its age and condition if you want to get good value for money. Main Street Office Furniture, a family owned office furniture company in Salt Lake City, offers a simple guide to buying secondhand office furniture.

Set a Budget

When setting your budget, keep in mind all the basic office furniture you need. Also, be prepared to make compromises if the budget is small. For example, choose metal or plastic furniture instead of wooden ones that are pricier.

Find Reliable Dealers

Next, collect information regarding reliable and reputed used furniture dealers in your locality. You can search the Internet or ask people you know for referrals. Ideally, choose a dealer who has a lot of experience in the market, offers a wide selection of furniture pieces, and has competent prices.

Check the Furniture Condition

Before you finalize a purchase, be sure to check the condition of the furniture carefully. Make sure to do the following:

  • Check if the drawers and doors function properly.
  • Check for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check the strength of the legs.
  • Examine the overall appearance of the furniture.
  • See if you can get a warranty for the used office furniture.

This simple guide should help you save money on office furniture and also make the money spent more than worth it.

Counting People, Counting Books

electronic count

electronic countPeople counting devices have been in use for many years now. The ones used in libraries and other public utility areas are a type called patron counters. Like others of its kind, these keep track of the number of people who enter the library, on a given day.

These figures prove that the use of the library facilities has increased, although actual circulation has not. This helps you serve the public better with improved facilities, and to improve the number and efficiency of your staff.

The Various Other Advantages

The most important benefit is that changes in funding will have justification if you have accurate data on the number of people patronizing the library. Figures from a patron counter may lead you to decide if you need more staff, or if you need to increase the efficiency of the existing ones. You can easily determine if staff ratio is optimal.

This device also determines the areas most frequented by people. Such figures are useful for renovations, rearrangements, and other studies. You can also determine the doors that they most use so you can place information kiosks and refreshment stalls there.

Patron counters also give you ideas if you need to change the library’s operating hours.

Standalone, Directional and PC-Based Devices

The most preferred standalone ones use an infrared beam for their patron counters. Companies that sell these devices usually install, maintain and monitor these devices, and can tell you strategic locations where they can do their work optimally.

The directional devices determine the areas the visitors patronize at specific times. You can use this data to define personnel requirements and library hours.

Meanwhile, PC-based devices are excellent at recording and storing the data of the number of people entering the library. With this data, you can reduce operations when you know the library will not be busy.

Thus, the kind of information this device provides will give you the opportunity to increase circulation and make the flow of traffic in a library more productive.

Buying Steel Ornamentals – Online

steel ornaments

steel ornamentsShopping and purchasing goods through the Internet, has become common today. You can buy anything online – from huge earthmoving equipment to small trinkets and keychains. But, do you know that you can even buy steel online, too? You can buy any steel product including ornamentation, jewelry and other household articles.


Since stainless steel is versatile, people employ it in the creation of various items. As a decorative medium, stainless steel is popular because of its sheen. Artists use it for sculptures for your garden both big and small, and interior designers apply it on various kinds of pipe work, ornamental staircases, and balustrades.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

The stainless variety is durable, does not rust and resistant to large temperature variations. This makes them easier to maintain than other types of ornamental metal. Today, artists can finish ornamental pieces with different coatings.

A Few Caveats

Observe adequate care when buying these steel ornamentals online, because you will not see them physically. Apart from the usual precautions while shopping over the ‘net, doubly ensure that the website is genuine and the articles consist of actual stainless steel. Trust only trustworthy dealers and transact your business with a representative or on their official website.

Advantages of Online Steel Shopping

While purchasing from websites, you can browse through the various options available at your own pace, shortlist them, and compare the features and prices of the products from other websites. By contrast, this kind of comparison is very tiring when you buy from physical stores, as you will have to go from one shop to another. In online shopping, you can place orders from the comforts of your home and have the items home delivered instead.

Thus, it is more convenient to buy these products over the Internet. Most of the time , online retail stores offer cheaper prices, and you may even get free shipping.

Making Money from An Ended Business

Motel Business

Motel BusinessMost people associate the end of business with its failure, that is not necessarily the case. For some business owners, ending a business is just a way of pooling available resources to start a bigger venture.

For example, business owners who put up their motel for sale could be a step to purchase land for a bigger hotel. In cases like this, companies like recommend the following:

  1. Keep careful documentation.

As with any business, your prospective buyers look at the profitability of your motel. To let them see that, you need to present historical financial documents for, at the very least, the last five years. This entails keeping precise documentation and records.

  1. Get a business broker.

While you can save a few hundred dollars if you sell your business on your own, you will have a hard time before you can find the right buyer. Of course, doing the whole transaction on your own would only succeed if you are thoroughly familiar with market conditions of buying and selling motels.

  1. Focus on how you present your motel.

Ensure the cleanliness of your motel, especially when you have to deal with clients scheduled to visit. Long before that date, however, make sure that you have repaired everything that needs repairing. Presenting a motel that needs a lot of repair work would induce the buyers to ask for a discounted price, since they would likely shoulder the repair costs.

  1. Put everything in writing.

Now, when you have a buyer ready to make the payment, do not forget to put everything in a written contract. This would protect both you and the other party from any misunderstanding later on. Also, be ready for the possibility of the buyer asking for a different method of payment. Consider your cash flow before agreeing to anything.

A business going kaput is not necessarily the end of the line – there are still ways to make returns off it, as long as you do it the right way. As they say, a new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, and the proceeds that you can make in this phase may give you the necessary capital to start a new business.