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Cat Got Your Tongue? 3 Secrets to Discussing Wedding Budget Without Arguing

wedding location

You’re planning to spend big money on entertainment, while your partner wants to focus more on decorations.

wedding locationTalking about your wedding budget is never easy. After all, money is one of the main reasons couples fight before the wedding. Let this article help you avoid arguments and keep the romance alive while planning for your big day.

Schedule the Wedding Talk

This is perhaps the toughest part for many. Just thinking about whether or not to ask your partner about it can leave you feeling exhausted. Start by scheduling a specific time to discuss finances, be it when eating dinner together, grabbing a coffee or shopping for clothes. Choose a location with a calming environment. Create a list of things you both want for the wedding and compute the estimated expenses.

Discuss Who Pays for What

Sure, planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a problem when it comes to money. Before you come up with a budget, determine how much you can spend on your wedding day and tell your partner to do the same. Decide who will pay for the catering, invitation, venue, photographer and honeymoon.

When discussions go wrong, industry expert My Wedding Concierge says it’s best to seek the services of wedding planners. They can make the money talks less stressful and help you both understand the importance of shared goals and budget.

Get Real Numbers

After figuring out what you can afford individually, both must have realistic numbers to work with. Just like any other major purchase, you won’t know how much to spend on something when you don’t know the price. See a wedding consultant, as they’re familiar with local vendors and their costs.

Let’s face it: Not all couples are financially savvy. The best thing you can do is know what you can afford, be specific and hear each other out.

Lifting the Veil: 4 Misconceptions about Facelifts

facial lift

facial liftLet’s face it—not everyone knows exactly what facelifts are all about. Most people know about it simply because of commercial advertisements or tabloids with headlines about celebrities and their addiction to it. While information about the procedure is widely available today, only those interested in the procedure really know about it.

Facelifts tighten the facial skin and muscle. It helps aging patients achieve a fresh and youthful look, and makes patients feel better about how they look. Still, it has become the subject of unfounded myths, which does not hold any water at all.

It is time to know the truth about facelifts. Here are some of the popular misconceptions that you should let go of:

You will look young forever

Facelifts are not permanent. In fact, according to Rosenblum Plastic Surgery, the skin ages through time and will eventually sag. The procedure, however, can make you look younger by tightening skin on the face and making it firmer. It just cannot reverse the aging process.

Recovery takes months

The recovery period depends on particular circumstances, but it does not stretch for months in most cases. Patients who undergo the procedure typically experience swelling for 24 to 48 hours after, though there are ways to minimize puffiness. Most people can return to work within a week or two after. Most experts recommend waiting for six weeks, though, if your job involves strenuous activities.

Facelifts look unnatural

This actually depends on the skills of the surgeon you work with. Facelifts aren’t so obvious and can look perfectly natural if done right.

Facelifts are only for women

Lastly, both sexes can undergo facelifts. Anyone who wants to have a rejuvenated-looking face can talk to their doctor and ask about the procedure.

Facelifts are a great way to make you look young and fresh, and has other benefits as well. It is best to know the truth and let go of the misconceptions surrounding it.

Understanding the Home Improvement Process

renovation home

renovation homeRenovations and remodelling come part and parcel with being a homeowner. There are a lot of home improvement options to choose from ranging from extensions to redesigns. You can implement home improvement methods to turn your home into a lovely and relaxing place that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

The following are pointers you should remember during Perth home improvement renovations:

  • Remodelling involves a lot of careful planning. You can base your decisions on exactly what benefits you wish to derive from the remodelling. This will involve even the minutest details.
  • Stick to your plans. This is because you will have to use your remodelled facilities for a long time. Frequently changing your mind when the work is on will only result in cost overruns and unnecessary time delays.
  • Allowing contractors to buy materials can help you reduce costs as they are more likely to get bulk discounts. This is contrary to the popular belief that if you buy your materials, you tend to save more because contractors do get some good discounts on their material purchases.
  • Create a contingency plan. Most remodelling projects tend to go over initial budgets. Having a contingency fund can help you to see your project through should you spend more than initially planned.
  • Keep out of the way. The same goes with children and pets. This would ensure a professional work atmosphere all around and also increases productivity and help complete the work on schedule.
  • Be clear about what exactly you expect from contractors. This would also call for entering into a formal contract with them so that they cannot back out on their word later.
  • It is also prudent to have a time bound clause in the contract, if you are paying the contractor and a team on a daily basis.

There are many things you can do to improve the overall quality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Keep these home improvement tips in mind to make your house a more inviting, and relaxing place to come home to.

Style and Function: Choosing the Right Balustrades for Your Home

balustrade home

balustrade homeSome people see balustrades as home accessories, but these can actually offer much more. Apart from outlining a space, they can also serve as safety measures on stairs, balconies, porches and other raised entrances.

With all these uses, you need to be careful when choosing which design and material to go for. Here are some helpful tips from Absolute Balustrades:

Assess Your Needs and Preferences

Choose the more durable ones if the house frequently accommodates a number of guests. But, if you are the type who is always on the go, consider using a material that does not require too much maintenance.

Know the Different Types of Balustrades

Familiarise yourself with the different kinds of balustrade design and materials. Match your needs and preferences with these two. Of course, consider your budget and the kind of home you have.

Look for Balustrade Designers and Installers

Focus on the reputable ones and those located near your area. With so many designers and installers in Perth, you might have a hard time finding the right one for your project. So, take your time. Ask for referrals from family and friends. Do not forget to check what previous clients have to say. If possible, check the projects that the installer has done personally. Also, check whether the installer has the necessary papers and insurance coverage for the job.

Be Detailed with Your Requirements

When you sit down with the installer, be specific about the kind of material and design you want. Most of the time, a good installer would give you suggestions on what would look best for your home. Consider the overall theme of your home and the needs of your family members. Be sure to have everything in writing, including how long the project would take.

Getting the right balustrade design can complete the aesthetic look of your house. So, consult design experts to find out which will best match your home design.

Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction: What Comes Next?


mouthOne of the most common reasons for a trip to the dentist is a diseased tooth. If the case involves a wisdom tooth, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a dentist would have to extract it. The procedure is often done in the dentist’s office. But, if you’re having multiple wisdom teeth extracted or are at high risk for complications,  you may be required to have the surgery in a hospital.

To learn more about the procedure, here is a brief discussion from booragoondental.com.au:

Understanding Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth is the last set of teeth that erupts from the gums. Because of its location, there are times when it is unable to come out completely from the gum line. This, in turn, causes food particles to get trapped easily on the edges of the tooth, leading to plaque and tooth decay. In some cases, the wisdom tooth does not erupt in a vertical position, but pushes on the side of the molars. This can be quite painful and could even erode the enamel of the teeth. This is why wisdom tooth extraction should be done.

As with any type of dental procedure, the extraction of your wisdom tooth typically begins with the application of a topical and a local anesthesia. Depending on the condition of the tooth, a small incision may be done below the gum line. The tooth may also be broken down into smaller pieces to make pulling out easier and less painful

What to do After the Operation

One Hour After

You can already remove the gauze pack placed by the dentist in the tooth socket. If you notice persistent bleeding, you might need to put another gauze in place for another 30 minutes. Make sure you do not sip anything, as it could remove the clot that has already formed over the socket. If you feel any pain or discomfort, place an ice pack on the outside of our cheek nearest the area concerned.

A Few Hours After

If pain is still present a few hours after the procedure, you might want to rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater. This is also recommended to make sure the area is clean. Also, eat only soft food items and do not poke around the place where your tooth used to be. You might also need to refrain from smoking, as this could impede the healing process.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Modern Dental Treatment for a Better Smile

cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistryContemporary advancement is not just about gadgets, but self-improvements as well. Cosmetic dentistry catches fast in the public fancy. This dental treatment includes shaping, whitening, replacing, and closing spaces between teeth.

Dental facility Church Road Dental & Cosmetics notes that clinics in Manchester now use state-of-the-art techniques and tools for improving your smile. These practitioners constitute the most common and safe cosmetic dentistry services.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, human teeth become discoloured or stained, especially due to smoking, certain medications. Bleaching helps whiten the teeth through whitening strips or gels. This may take numerous sessions. Dentists fit into your mouth a mouthpiece tray loaded with whitening hydrogen-peroxide solution, inserted to reach every corner of the teeth.

It usually takes two to four weeks or longer, depending on the degree of the stain or quality of the peroxide used. Other dentists use a process called scaling, where the accumulated plaque is removed using an electrically operated machine.


This procedure improves the look of your teeth in case chipping, breaking, staining or cracking occurs. It also eliminates space due to tooth loss. Dental surgeons use certain chemical compounds as bonding materials to fill up cavities or protect the exposed teeth roots.

This procedure may be done in a single session by applying an etching solution and natural tooth-coloured materials (made from composite resins) on the affected area. Bonding usually last for a couple of years before chipping or wearing out.


These custom shells and coverings, mostly made of ceramic materials, cover the frontal area of the teeth. Dentists fix veneers in your teeth to alter the shape or colour. These last longer and are more cost-efficient than crowns. Veneers take care of permanently stained and crooked teeth.

Modern technology opens a lot of opportunities for improvement. These treatments eliminate the dental issues that affect the function and aesthetics of your teeth. With cosmetic dentistry, you can smile away all your problems.

Organised Fireworks Display for Wedding Parties and Other Celebrations


fireworksAny occasion, such as weddings, birthday parties, engagements, baby showers and more, becomes even more special with fireworks. Fireworks display keep the guests lively, enhance festivities and create lasting memories. But, each of these fireworks needs to be properly organised to avoid accidents and make the celebration a huge success.

Whatever the occasion is, having an organised fireworks display is one of the best ways to ensure that the event becomes a blast for everyone. There are several aspects organisers need to look at to sail through the occasion smoothly. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Planning the right fireworks for display begins with choosing the right colours, patterns, themes and the way they would be exhibited.
  • There are several fireworks that only last for a few seconds, while others work for a longer period. For example, Roman candle fireworks are known to be similar to shooting stars in the sky for quite some time in specific intervals.
  • Different accessories and other elements add to the fireworks display, too. You can choose these additions based on their requirements and the theme of the event.
  • You can choose options like having 500 gram cakes in the fireworks, which allow the fireworks to be displayed in the sky for a longer period of time.
  • Also, there is a multitude of websites where you can buy fireworks online. Ordering is easy and you can choose from a great selection based on the event you are holding without having to go to a physical store to shop. Getting them online is a great way to manage your time while preparing for the event.
  • You can also talk to your videographers and photographers to stay around during the firework display, so they can capture the moment on film.

To help you make the right choice, you can also browse through and read reviews online from other buyers. This can give you an idea of which firework type to purchase.

You Auto Know Better: 3 Tips to Drive Safely While Towing

front tow bar

Whether you are moving a trailer, a camper, or a boat, towing anything so big and heavy behind a vehicle can be a tricky and dangerous task. There’s a massive difference between driving a car with another set of wheels at the back and just a vehicle all by itself. Overlooking even just the smallest detail can result in either a bumpy ride or an accident.

front tow bar

How do you adjust your driving technique to make towing a bulky object safer? Read on to find out.

Allow for Plenty of  Braking Room

Knowing the right driving techniques is just as important as choosing the right tow bars. Perth recently experienced a rise in their weekend road toll after a towing accident in July 2014.

It is necessary to allow enough room for braking when towing. Remember that the heavier the load, the more important distance becomes. To avoid the need for sudden braking and road accidents, drive more slowly, especially along congested roads.

Exercise Caution When Towing Uphill or Downhill

It takes skill and practice when towing something heavy uphill or downhill. If you drive a heavy-duty truck or an SUV, engage the tow-mode. When going uphill, downshift to boost power; and when you are driving downhill, downshift to slow the vehicle down. Extra caution: do not constantly step on the brakes when going downhill because the brakes might overheat.

Make Wider Turns

If you are pulling a trailer, a boat or some other vehicle, remember that the wheels won’t necessarily follow the same the track as that of the tow vehicle. Whatever you are towing will actually track more tightly, so make wider turns to make up for the difference. Do this especially around curves and tight corners.

The secret, really, is going slow. With the added weight of another vehicle, the faster you drive, the more dangerous things will be.
Make sure you have the right equipment to ensure your safety. These tips will surely make towing an easy experience, and will keep you and everyone else safer on the road.

Strategies on Business Tax Planning

business tax planning

business tax planningIf you are a start-up company and needing tax advice, accountants can help you formulate effective strategies for your business tax planning. Perth-based FIFO tax accountants have a clear understanding of the tax structure and laws. They are experts at giving professional advice and not just give you tax reduction tips and tricks.

Business Entity Type

The accountants will first look at your business structure and identify whether it falls under the category of a corporation, LLC, partnership or a sole proprietorship. Knowing the type of company you are operating will help them determine the allowances for tax exemption. Further, it will help the accountants know whether the pass-through structure can reduce tax liabilities. They need to ensure that the business owner is taxed only once, and not at both company and individual levels. This is the fundamental strategy for effective business tax planning.

Recurring Expenses

Most business owners claim recurring expenses like office rent, salaries and employee wages for tax exemption. Capital expenditures, however, may need to be treated separately. It may also require meticulous planning through an accountant. For instance, a business may be in a position to deduct all or a part of its automobile costs, thus, substantially reducing the business’s overall tax liability.

Organised Business Records

Femia and Associates, accountants based in Perth, advice that keeping well-maintained business records is an effective strategy to reduce tax liabilities. Detailed and organised records help effectively document expenditures and other expenses, if the business receives an IRS query or is subject to a full audit. Additionally, well-kept records help the business’s owner recall and claim legitimate deductions that he could have forgotten or overlooked as insignificant.

Year-End Income

Tax planning is just as important. Paying attention to revenue earned and expenses at the financial year-end will help you manage the company’s annual income effectively. Planning will enable you to defer tax payments on income. It can sometimes even reduce the company’s income to a comparatively lower tax category, hence decreasing tax liability for the current year.

Roof Matters: Controlling Condensation in Roof Space


Roof condensation occurs when moisture builds up in the area between the ceiling and the roof. It usually happens when water vapour comes in contact with cold surfaces and forms water droplets or dampness. Condensation can be intensified by humidity and roof leaks.

While you can’t prevent condensation completely, you can bring it down a notch to avoid further problems. The following advice can help you control the problem:

Less Moisture

RoofClothes dryers have exhaust fans that release hot air. To prevent the moisture from building up, dryer vents should be directed outdoors. If there is no provision for rerouting the vent, you can open up a window and close the door of the room where clothes are drying. By doing this, any excess moisture will find its way outside instead of circulating inside your home. It is also advisable to hire roofing repair contractors to address any problems contribute to greater condensation.

Stop Moisture

When cooking or washing, use an exhaust fan or open a window and keep the door closed. You should also keep the exhaust fan on or the window open for about 20 minutes after cooking or washing clothes to stop moisture from spreading throughout the home. It is also best to leave tickle vents open when rooms are occupied to provide ventilation and remove water vapour.

Ventilate the Roof

If water vapour makes its way into roof space, it is important to remove the insulation as soon as possible. There are some roofs with ventilation slots built along the opposite eaves so air can flow all throughout. Make sure there are no obstructions to the ventilation slots.

The extra space in the roof is not intended to be a storage room, so avoid the placement of items that can restrict airflow. Condensation can also cause damage to items stored in the roof.

In some cases, roof condensation is temporary. It can happen during rainier and cooler seasons, when the weather is constantly shifting between warm and cold, or when there is a huge drop in temperature.