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House of Horror: Top 3 Places in Your Home Where Germs Breed


CarpetYour home is the last place where you want to feel unsafe. It can be, however, the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Your home could very well be an incubator for things that compromise health. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them at bay, but if you do not know where to clean, you might just be wasting energy cleaning in the wrong places.

Some spots inside the house will need extra attention when cleaning. You might be surprised that your toilet comes last. Bacteria thrives because of factors like moisture and heat. If you want to rid your livings spaces of these germs, it is important to know where to look. Here is what should be part of your must-clean list:


Your carpet can be a hotbed for germs, and can have 200,000 bacteria per square inch—more than the germs found in the typical toilet. Bacteria like campylobacter, micrococcus, and enterococci can thrive in your carpet and pose serious health risks. Carpet cleaning experts in Draper say you must clean your carpets and mattresses regularly, for good measure.

Home Office

Your home office can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is because most homeowners tend to neglect cleaning it regularly. The electronics, especially the computer’s keyboard and mouse, can collect dirt and be dirtier than a kitchen sink. Make sure to keep disinfecting products specially made for cleaning electronics on hand.


Lastly, you might want to clean your bathtub before soaking in it, especially if it is a whirlpool tub. This is because bacteria can get trapped then multiply in the pipes. When you turn on the jets, they can be blown into the tub. Be sure to clean the tub regularly and schedule pipe maintenance.

Germs and bacteria are ever-present, but by cleaning your house regularly and knowing where to go first, you can banish these disease-causing germs and make your home safer.

Treat Your Patient’s Teeth with Clean Water

drinking water

drinking waterThe glass of water a patient drinks before, during and after a dental procedure is something that could either make or break the reputation of your dental clinic. Remember that with the kind of environment nowadays, it is not safe anymore to drink water from the tap. In fact in many areas around the globe, millions of people are using mineral water or water filters to have safe drinking water.

Pipes Rust Too

In addition to climate change, other factors that make water unsafe to drink is that pipes rust over time, or there could be a problem with the sewage system that the water company ought to look into. With a growing population, more and more people demand clean water supply. The bad news however is that wastes are continually being disposed improperly, which leads to piling up of landfills.

When is the Right Time, the Right Time

Many stomach diseases can be acquired from drinking dirty water. It can even lead to one’s death. As mentioned earlier, you can never be sure if the water your patient is using is safe or not. It may have the clear appearance of water but you can never see the tiny harmful microorganisms in it. This might be a good time for a dental waterline testing.


Your dental waterline can be tested and treated through several ways. A technician can check to see if your waterline is contaminated with harmful microorganisms and clean it for you. Otherwise he can attach a gadget with a filter – something similar to the filters you use for your drinking water – only it’s attached to your dental waterline. This way you can get rid of the harmful impurities in your tap water. You would only need to replace the filter every 3 months like the water filter you use for drinking.

To be guaranteed of safe drinking water, you may request the technician to check and clean your dental waterline and attach a filter as well. It may cost you a little but you never have to worry about your patient’s health with this system.

What to Do in Perth for April 2015

street arts festival

street arts festivalWhen you are interested about visiting Perth this month, there are many things to do that would keep you and your family busy, active, and amused. With its lively festivals, exciting product shows, and diverse food expositions, you are sure to be entertained delightfully with all the things Perth has to offer.

Here are some events that can keep you pleasantly occupied in Perth this April.

Market Girl at Westfield Whitfords Shopping Centre

Market Girl is an exposition of handmade crafts from Perth’s best makers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Market stalls offering a variety of crafts, from homemade designer jewellery to recycled fashion, Market Girl at Westfield Whitfords Shopping Centre is sure to delight you with the arts and crafts Perth can offer.

Visit the Westfield Whitfords Shopping Centre on Saturday, April 4, to get a glimpse and to possible walk away with amazing products worth buying.

Rockingham Easter Carnival 2015

There is no great way to celebrate this long holiday weekend than with your kids. For your kids, there is no better way to celebrate a long weekend than a fun, busy day at a carnival. For a fun carnival day perfect for adults and children alike this holiday weekend in Perth, the Rockingham Easter Carnival 2015 would be right for you.

Wonderful rides and exciting family-oriented activities await those who will visit the festival that will run from Friday to Sunday, April 3 to 5. A van for hire might just be what you need to bring the whole family to this fun-filled community event, suggests Aries Car Rental, so you can bring everybody’s necessities.

Fremantle Street Arts Festival 2015

You may catch great performers performing amazing, eclectic acts in the streets of Fremantle from April 4 to April 6. With acts ranging from street theatre to comedy, and circus to cabaret drawn from different parts of the world, incredible and fascinating performances await those who choose to stay on the street to watch.

There are lots of exciting things to do in Perth this April. Go visit Perth this month and enjoy the many different events you and your kids would truly remember.

Socks: A Modern Man’s Style Staple


SocksGone are the days that socks when socks were just a basic detail in a man’s wardrobe. Today, socks are a major fashion statement piece. They may seem like minor things, but socks can make or break an ensemble. This is why it is important to take a good look at your feet other than matching your pants and shirt.

Here are a few tips on taking your sock game to the next level:

The Makings of a Stylish Sock

When shopping for socks, look for those that are made with natural fibres. The recommendation is to choose those made out of 90% wool. Other than the comfort, this material also prevents your feet from sweating. Go for trusted brands, like HUF Plantlife socks, which are a top pick because of its quality.

It is also ideal to get socks with reinforced heels and toes. Be sure to try on socks when you are shopping because the secret to a perfect sock is a perfect fit. The heel of the sock should fit seamlessly with your actual heel.

The Sock Style for the Modern Man

The next step is to know your sock style. This involves determining how high your socks should go. You have two choices for this: over-the-calf and mid-calf. If you want to be stylish (but not too stylish that people would notice it), you may want to go for the mid-calf socks.On the other hand, if you want to go bold on your sock style, choose over-the-calf.

After considering the length, colours and patterns are the next thing to think about. When it comes to colours, you may choose a contrast colour, which is meant to balance out your outfit, or a colour similar to your pants.

Look for patterns as well for a bolder and more emphasised look. There are a wide variety of sock patterns like dots, argyle and stripes that you can pair with any outfit—whether it is street style clothing, sportswear or a formal suit.

Socks are a style staple today for the most fashionable men. Keep these tips in mind and you will surely take your sock game to the next level.

3 Villas in Reality TV Shows


VillaMentioning the word villa conjures up images of a higher standard of living. Staying in villas may be out of reach for a lot of people, but more and more, resorts and hotels are offering them as glamorous alternatives to ordinary rooms and suites.

Apart from the ultra-rich and luxury vacation seekers, however, villas have also served as locations for popular reality TV shows.

Here are some villas that have played host to reality TV contestants:

Villa with a university feel

The house that accommodates the contestants changes with each season, or cycle, of the show. For the show’s 19th cycle, the featured top model house was a villa located in Hancock Park in Los Angeles. The villa’s sorority house look went well with the cycle’s college theme, although filming the show in a strict residential area presented problems. The neighbors were less than appreciative of the noise brought about by the production staff’s activities.

Villa with a touch of mystery

In Season 10 of American Idol, contestants moved into a luxurious and spacious Beverly Hills mansion with a monthly rent reportedly to be around $100,000. The Beverly Hills villa has nine bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, game room, hot tub, and pool table, giving the contestants a taste of the celebrity life. The villa’s majestic view also adds to its $12-million property value.

As lavish as life in the villa was for the contestants, they all chose to move out due to rumored paranormal events. Guess not even a great villa with all the trappings can make unexplained phenomena bearable.

Villa with a Spanish inspiration

The Villa de la Vina was the location for numerous seasons of ABC’s reality TV show The Bachelor. This villa, located in Sonoma, California, has Spanish-inspired interiors and exteriors, which are ideal for a dreamy, handsome guy looking for love by wooing a group of beautiful women. With a value of around $1.7 million, the 8,000-square foot property has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

You too can have a taste of the glamorous lifestyle. Instead of booking the usual hotel room, you can stay in a more upscale accommodation in your next travel destination, such as a villa for rent in South Beach. and other luxury rental services list properties that you can stay in.

Villas and luxury properties will continue to fascinate people as they make more TV appearances. Lavish villas are the perfect holiday backdrop, giving anyone the chance to live their own celebrity dream, even just for a weekend.

Ready for a New Venture? Here are 3 Things You Need to Know

business ideas

business ideasMaybe you’re tired of your nine-to-five job and starting your own business came across your mind. Or maybe it has been your lifelong dream to start a particular company and offer services or products that will carry your own brand. You tell yourself: Why not?

But, starting even a small business is not easy. There are tons of risks and considerations that you need to go over not once, not twice, and probably even more than three times. Here are some of the things that need to consider:

The Business Idea

If you are an entrepreneur-wannabe and you have this particular business idea in mind, but it’s probably as old as your dream, you may need to make adjustments or totally rethink your plan if the current market does not have a demand for it. Do your research and ask the professionals for advice. You may also consult the web to see the current trends. For instance, with just a few clicks, you can access the great business ideas for 2015.

Knowledge and Experience

Experience in management, finance, and marketing can come a long way if you are thinking of having your own start-up company or a small business enterprise. You probably won’t be doing all the dirty work, but it pays to know the ins and outs of the biz. For your business plan to work, having the knowledge will help you successfully implement everything. And if you think you are not ready or you are not confident enough, you can look into online courses or aim for a diploma in business from By doing this, you will feel prepared to finally make your business dream come true.


Being passionate about starting your own business is probably the most important ingredient in being a successful entrepreneur. It starts from there — your idea, your plan, your vision. Hold on to that passion and take the initiative to learn, not just before you start the business, but most importantly, when it’s fully functional and operating.

Success in business does not happen overnight. It takes sweat and blood, a lot of research, as well as trials and errors. It may not be easy but if you want to succeed, work hard until you achieve that dream.

Managing a Property: The Price of Being a Landlord

Managing a Property

Managing a PropertyWith the booming property market in the UK, it is no surprise many are wondering about becoming a landlord. The sector’s recovery continues, which is great news for homeowners. But before you venture into the trade of property letting, prepare yourself first.

Being a landlord does not come cheap, because you have to invest quite an amount of capital here. It does, however, pay off if you know how to manage the asset properly. To reap a sizable profit from your asset, you have to be aware of the costs that come with managing a rental property. Here are what you should be concerned about, as listed by the experts at Gordon’s The Online Estate Agent:

The Mandatory Expenses

There are a few mandatory costs of being a landlord in the United Kingdom. First of all, you have to pay capital gains tax for the profit you make. On top of this, you also have the annual gas certificate requirement, as well as the energy performance certificate (EPC) that you have to pay for every ten years.

The Circumstantial Costs

The cost of being a landlord depends on your area in the UK, as locations have different sets of requirements for property owners. There are boroughs that demand a licence from all landlords before they can manage a rental property. The cost of mortgage interest, building insurance, and tenant acquisition all vary depending on where you are, too. On some occasions, you might also have to pay for a lawyer for different legal matters.

The Recurring Outlays

As for the recurring outlays, you have to worry about the different expenses. There are the utility bills, if you decide to go with a “bills included” deal with your tenants; otherwise, your tenant would have to pay for this. Maintenance and repairs also fall under the responsibilities of the landlord, so you must shoulder the expense unless the tenant violates a provision in the contract. The occasional furnishing and redecorating could add up to your expenses as well.

This isn’t a way for you to feel discouraged about venturing into the property market. As far as investments go, the real estate sector is highly profitable. Nonetheless, you have to completely understand what you are getting into if you want to make your investment worth it. With proper preparation, you will surely get it right and find yourself enjoying the fruits of a stable and consistent passive income flow.

Safeguard Your Future by Clearing Your Police Records

criminal record

criminal recordKeeping your records clean serves you many purposes. In Texas, a clean record is necessary for many things, including application for military services, school or job.

Clearing Your Past

A record of a conviction or arrest can haunt a person forever. Many can easily go through the background checks because they are eligible to expunge or clear their criminal record. They are also given chances as anyone who have never been charged or convicted of any offense.

As many future opportunities lie in your clearance from all criminal charges, you have to consider going to the court and cleaning any traces of your misdemeanor or more serious acts. But take note that some charges do not apply to this privilege.

What should you do to clear your records? To help you get through with the application process, you may choose to consult a criminal lawyer.

What Happens to Your Record

If you have your records cleared, it doesn’t mean the court will destroy it, but no one will be allowed to see or use your old record again. Once the Court Order is breached, it will be considered a misdemeanor.

Once your record is cleared, you may choose not to tell anyone about your arrest, especially for the sake of your career. Or if you choose to be honest about it, you may explain that the record has been cleared. Unless you are under oath in a criminal proceeding about your arrest, you may keep the history behind you for good.

The expunging of records will require law enforcement agencies to keep your records private. However, your records may resurface when a higher court requires it later on, or if you get involved in other criminal proceedings.

There is no freer man than he who can detach himself from his past mistakes. Choose to clear your records early so you can live a limitless life.

Jump for Joy: Why Trampoline Parks are the Best Birthday Party Venues


partyKids love birthday parties, and for them, the best ones are those where they can play, run, jump, and scream happily. There are many different venues that offer all kinds of fun, but sometimes you really just have to go the reliable route. Trampoline parks are always an excellent choice simply because it allows kids to be kids—they can jump around, scream, and really just go crazy.

There are many things to do in Adelaide with kids, but going to trampoline parks is probably the top pick for many. The happy mix of a youthful vibe, colours everywhere, and fun in the air is just perfect for birthday parties. Here’s a quick discussion if you need more reasons to book a trampoline park for your child’s next birthday party:

 You Don’t Need to Worry about the Fun and Games

You can now quit brainstorming or Googling “fun birthday party games” because this is something you never have to worry about with indoor trampoline parks. There are so many activities for kids to enjoy other than just jumping and bouncing around in huge foam pits. They can also play dodgeball, slam dunk and arcade games.

 You Will Not Bother about the Food

A birthday party at a trampoline park takes away the hassle of cooking and preparing food. This is because birthday party packages also include snacks. Some trampoline parks even offer healthy food options, like veggie sandwiches. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t bring food. Talk to the park manager or party coordinator about their guidelines on bringing food in from the outside.

 You Encourage Kids to be Active

Other than making it easy to plan and pull off an awesome party, holding the kids’ event at a trampoline park also promotes an active lifestyle. While your daughter’s 7th birthday party may just be a one-time event, the happy feeling of being active will be forever remembered by kids. Think of it this way: a simple birthday party could inspire kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle at an early age.

These are just some of the reasons trampoline parks are the best venues for kids’ birthday parties. See if there is one near your area and give your child the most memorable party ever.

Of Comfort and Elegance: Three Multi-functional Window Blinds for Perth Homes

Silhouette Blinds

Silhouette BlindsInstalling window blinds is a necessity for every home in Perth because of the city’s warm and dry climate. In fact, Perth has more sunny and dry days than any other capital city in Australia—with January to February being the hottest days.

Window treatments come in different styles. The following are some of the most popular choices of multi-functional blinds:

1. Jamaican Blinds

These window coverings offer unparalleled elegance even when raised all the way. The fabric of the blinds falls in soft, clean lines that do not bunch up. The cloth comes with timber battens that add to its classy feel. Some manufacturers place full timber battens on both sides of the blinds, while others use timber for the interior batten and PVC for the exteriors.

2. Roman Blinds

As The Blinds Gallery puts it, Roman blinds provide a stylish and contemporary touch to any room. The battens on these blinds allow homeowners to customise the colour or finish, so it matches the rest of the furniture. The canvas fabric of Roman blinds comes in different colours, providing homeowners with an extensive selection to go with any room design. Some of Perth’s window blinds manufacturers allow homeowners to use their own choice of fabric for making this type of window covering.

3. Silhouette Blinds

These blinds protect the home from harmful UV light, while allowing natural light to seep in through its sheer fabric. Silhouette blinds can tilt at various angles, depending on how much light the homeowner wants to allow in or to keep out. These have three layers of fabric that can create a romantic ambience with dimmed lighting even during daytime.

Window blinds serve multiple purposes apart from just keeping the awful heat of the sun out. Many of Perth’s homeowners delight in how these window coverings can add class to a room, while providing their much-needed privacy.