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3 Facts About Dirty, Malfunctoning Aircons Would Make You Want to Clean Yours ASAP


airconsAir conditioning systems are now considered a basic necessity in most households and offices. As temperatures continuously rise, people can no longer imagine how life is going to be without these cooling systems.

Air conditioning systems provide so many benefits, but they can also pose serious health hazards if not properly taken care of. These health concerns apply to everyone who gets exposed to the contaminated air the system produces.

Preventing these health problems starts with educating yourself about what they are. So, air conditioning repair experts from share three things you should know about dirty, malfunctioning air conditioning systems.

1. Unchanged Filter Harbor Dust, Dirt, Grime, and Pollen

The air filter is one of the most important components of an air conditioning system. It is designed to keep the air clean and remove or lessen its pollen and dust content. Because the filter traps all of these contaminants, you should regularly replace them. Failure to do so will cause the air conditioning system to not filter the air properly. This means that what you are breathing is still contaminated. In addition, unchanged filters can also damage the rest of the system.

2. Trapped Dust and Pollen Can Cause Respiratory Illnesses

When there is too much dust and the pollen inside the air filter, some of them can start to escape. This will further increase the amount of dust and pollen already in the air. This can lead to respiratory illnesses, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions.

3. Insects Get Attracted to Dirty Air Conditioning Systems

If your air conditioning system is not properly maintained and cleaned, various insects will be attracted to it. Apart from being pesky and annoying, these insects may also be carriers of diseases. They can also damage the system if they get trapped inside.

If you haven’t cleaned your air conditioning unit for a very long time, it is highly possible that it already needs repairs. Contact an air conditioning repair service provider to have it checked out now.

Effectivity and Safety of Stenting to Treat Post Thrombotic Syndrome in the Femoropopliteal Vein

Treating DVT

Treating DVTDeep vein thrombosis (DVT) happens when a blood clot develops in the veins in your muscles. It’s called deep vein thrombosis because it affects the veins located deep within a muscle. Although it can form in your chest, arms and other parts of the body, it’s most commonly found in the leg, specifically the femoropoliteal vein.

While rare, it can be very fatal. The blood clot can obstruct your circulation or get lodged in a blood vessel in your lungs, heart, and other parts. It can also severely damage some of your organs and kill you. Even after treatment, patients may experience post-thrombotic syndrome.

Common treatments

There are various treatments for DVT, the most common of which are blood thinners or anticoagulants. But their uses are limited to stopping a clot from growing or preventing them from forming, but they can’t dissolve a clot or “thin” the blood, despite what the name suggests.

In severe cases, such as existence of larger clots and risks for pulmonary embolism, doctors recommend catheter-directed thrombolysis. This treatment uses a drug called thrombolytic agent to maintain valve function and dissolve the clot, thereby restoring the blood flow. To perform this treatment, the radiologist places the tip catheter (tube) into the clot and infuses the drug.

For further care, the radiologist inserts a stent into the vein to widen it and prevent future obstructions and blockages.

Although many criticisms have been raised against this treatment due to its higher risk in inducing bleeding and stroke among patents, a study showed vein stents are safe for recurrent DVT in the femoropopliteal vein.

Percutaneous Endovenous Intervention with stenting

“Among patients who had residual stenosis after thrombolytic therapy, the rate of recurrent DVT at approximately three years of follow up was lower in the stenting group,” said Mohsen Sharifi, MD, of Arizona Cardiovascular Consultants in Mesa.
The study was done to show that percutaneous endovenous intervention with stenting reduced post-thrombotic syndrome and recurrent venous thromboembolism.

According to the results, after receiving percutaneous endovenous intervention, 4% of the stenting group and 10% of the control group experienced recurrent DVT in the femoropopliteal vein that was either asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic. This showed those who underwent stenting treatment suffered much less symptoms than those who didn’t.

Sharifi concludes that using stenting in percutaneous endovenous intervention to treat severe proximal DVT is both safe and effective.

Fortifying Content to Adhere to the Mobilegeddon

SEO contentEveryone on the Internet is working hard to cope with of Google’s latest algorithm update, aptly referred to by many as mobilegeddon. The Google update, in quick terms, pronounces mobile-friendliness as an official factor in search rankings. Some sites took the hit, some survived.

While site responsiveness is certainly the first step that many took in surviving this new world order, content should also be aligned with this new set-up. The biggest experts and even local SEO agencies will tell you it pays to be mindful of how you format and gear your content for maximum mobile consumption.

Write Concise Headlines

Everybody respects a compelling headline. All of this is even more critical in the face of mobilegeddon. Mobile format means you have a limited platform, which compels writers to aim for brevity. A good test would be to try out the headline and see how it reads on Twitter. If as a user, you click it, then that’s a good sign.

Don’t Bury the Lead

The thing with mobile searching and surfing is that the user is usually off to somewhere. This means there is little time to scroll and read through fluff before getting the main point. Save the little things for later or better yet, skip them altogether and just highlight the lead.

Brief Paragraphs

Again, a crucial point in this new order is brevity and speed. Make sure your paragraphs are easy to read. Avoid large blocks of text as they might look hideous on a small screen and may even discourage those who want a quick read. Break your content into lists and bullets instead.

The landscape is fast changing and there’s nothing to do but cope. Apart from making sure the site loads smoothly in a mobile platform, packaging your content for the dynamics of the small screen and the mindset of the mobile user will also help guarantee that you survive the Mobilegeddon with grace.

How Three Properties Became Complete Stunners with Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

Wall CladdingWall cladding is a common material option for many property owners. Exterior design experts and contractors come up with house cladding options to meet client demands. With the right material, designers recreate the exterior of a home to increase the property’s value and give birth to a new look.

Let’s go over some of the best property transformations achieved through cladding:

The Corrugated House

The external house restoration experts of Peter Bracey emphasise how cladding often leaves a property’s exteriors with corrugated texture. Nonetheless, a Seattle home showed how to use this texture to your design advantage. The homeowner simply requested the same cladding options as those in a typical house. To give a unique touch to the exteriors, the consulting design firm combined the hard edge of corrugated metal cladding with Douglas fir panels and beams. The wood’s polished brown colour complements the grey metal cladding, bringing about an ultra-contemporary look.

The House of Steel

A Stockholm housing complex stands out with its steel exteriors. The designers of the complex utilised galvanised steel panels for wall cladding. Galvanised steel is a quality metal usually made for simple construction, but with significant protective features that contribute to the property’s safety. While the overall design may look simple, the flushed details and stunning steel walls give the complex an edge.

The Plastic House

An architect firm designed a house in Hiroshima that stands out for its walls. The house for a family of five has polycarbonate plastic panels, a material rarely used in building properties. As the property was close to other homes, the designer chose translucent cladding for the exteriors. This solution allows natural light to enter the home without compromising privacy. What’s great about this house is the cladding creates a frosted glass effect when you view it from the outside.

Gone are the days of settling for conventional walling solutions. Different house cladding options give you the opportunity to upgrade your exteriors.

Nature Tripping in Colorado

Natural attraction in Colorado

Natural attraction in ColoradoLooking for natural tourist destinations for your next holiday? If so, take a trip to beautiful Colorado. It has its share of attractions that draw nature lovers and even those who are not.

To make your vacation worthwhile, experience the natural beauty of Colorado in these ways:

White water rafting in Arkansas River

If you want to have fun while enjoying nature, try white water rafting. The site notes that river rafting in Colorado lets you see the four spectacular stretches of the Arkansas River. The 12-mile stretch also reveals beautiful mountains and canyons. It has wild rapids for adventure seekers and mild courses for risk-averse people. White water rafting is available in any season; take your friends, family or date with you for a long, bumpy ride.

Climbing Quandary Peak

Trek Colorado’s Quandary Peak if you love heights and long walks. This 14,265ft mountain lets you see the Rockies in its entirety. You’ll see abandoned mines and mountains along the way, making it a worthwhile trek.

Diving in the hot springs

Not only will you enjoy the natural beauty, you’ll also relax and wash the stress away in Colorado. Soak in the 27 hot springs that the place has to offer. Stop by Strawberry Park Hot Springs or Steamboat Springs for a breathtaking experience unlike any other. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch also has geothermal waters and facilities that are family-friendly.

Wildlife Watching in Estes Park

Bring nature close to you by watching the wildlife in Estes Park. This popular tourist destination lets you see wild animals and appreciate the beauty of grazing lands. You’ll also enjoy the sights and sounds of elks since the management allows you to approach these animals within 100ft.

You don’t have to go elsewhere to experience nature at its finest. Colorado has it all, whether you’re looking for fun, adventure or relaxation.

How to Raise Your House’s Market Value

Raising your house market value

Raising your house market valueWhen selling your home, the most important indicator of your success is if you got a good offer.

Admittedly, location plays a big role in determining the value of real estate. Properties in Woodvale have values different from other areas, for example. The home’s age and style can also affect its value.

Even considering these factors, there are still some things you can do to improve your home’s value. These are some simple ways to get a better offer for your home:

De-personalise your house

When selling your home, you must realise that your buyer may have different needs, lifestyle and taste. You have to be aware that what you find desirable may be detestable to someone else. The buyer may just see these additions as clutter, lowering the value of your home in their eyes. Removing anything from the home that has been highly personalised allows the buyer to see the property from their point of view.

Hold the major makeovers

Touching up a few things here and there is fine if you want to increase your home’s value. You may even consider repainting your home, but to make massive renovations just to bring up the price doesn’t usually work. Stick to the cosmetic upgrades such as replacing doorknobs, fixing up latches and re-varnishing closets. You shouldn’t spend too much just to improve your home as it will eat away at your profit when you sell.

Use all options

Promoting your property means more than just placing ads on magazines and newspapers or putting up a sign on the lawn. Contact reputable real estate companies or look for websites where you can post your ads. With the internet, you can find more buyers for your property.

These three tips are just some of your options, but following them may be enough to significantly raise your chances of getting a better price for your home. Use your time and money wisely in making improvements.

How the Mere Existence of the Internet Helps Establishments

The internet

The internetToday, the Internet is comparable with the wheel. In terms of how both affected society, Internet connection is almost as influential as the application of the wheel to ancient transportation methods. Nevertheless, with the rapid development of technology, the Internet is catching up to the accomplishments of the wheel.

Its importance is most evident in businesses. Apart from being a medium of connectivity, it attracts customers like no other product does. Its availability can even decide if enterprises make it.

The West Jordan-based Internet connectivity solutions provider explained how the presence of the Internet could affect an establishment:

1. Coffee Shops

Try going to the closest coffee shops nearest to home. It’s a good bet that even the smallest one offer decent Wi-Fi service and has customers with their laptops. Before, it had to be a separate thing, another kind of service. Now, when shop owners realized that they could increase the price of their commodity if they provide free Internet connectivity, the practice became widespread.

2. Hotels

Hotels rely on reviews to increase their business. These can tell countless times how great their services are and how cost-effective their rates are. The Web, for one, plays a big role on generating positive feedback and luring customers. Some of them make their guests pay add-ons while others keep it free, albeit a bit slower.

3. Malls

Internet connection in malls is quite complicated to determine. There can be a number of people in certain times and so much of them expect there to be a free Internet connection. When the proprietor readies wireless connection for 2,500 people and the week averaged 1,750 visitors, the investment didn’t pay off. Still, Internet connection is still vital in keeping people in malls.

There are massive jumps in providing free Internet connection in Seattle and other cities in first-world countries. Hopefully, in a few years, the technology behind large-scale web connectivity will improve and provide for everybody.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens: A Must-Have in Modern Bathrooms

Glass shower screens

Glass shower screensFrameless shower screens have becoming increasingly popular must-haves in modern bathrooms. Its sleek and minimalist look transforms any room design. Experts from list down other reasons these design features are a hot trend right now:

They are Simple and Sophisticated

The golden rule in interior design is to keep it simple. Simplicity is sophistication. It cuts out all distractions and creates a clean look for the space. This is exactly what glass shower screens do. Its minimalist design emphasises other bathroom features, which effectively creates interior focal points.

They Make the Bathroom Bigger

Shower curtains and opaque materials are now a thing of the past as more homeowners are looking for ways to make their space look bigger. Glass shower screens allow an unrestricted view of the entire bathroom. This creates an illusion of bigger space.

They are Durable

Technology makes glass shower screens more durable that they can last a lifetime. They come in different layers of thickness. Also, you don’t have to worry about mould growth that could ruin the material. Glass is easy to clean and maintain that there will be no way mould can grow in it.

Frameless glass shower screens are free from corrosion as well because they don’t use metal frames. This ensures that you can count on the long service life of these fixtures.

They Allow More Natural Light

There’s probably no other room in the house that needs natural light more than the bathroom. This is the place where you put on make-up or see yourself first thing in the morning. Of course, you want to see yourself in a good light—literally and figuratively—to start your day. The last thing you need in your bathroom is a fixture that will reduce natural light coming in.

Glass balustrades are the perfect solution. It doesn’t block natural light, giving you that sufficient lighting you need. You can also cut down electricity expenses because you don’t have to use artificial lighting.

Frameless glass shower screens are a coveted design feature in bathrooms. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil paradise with frameless glass shower screens.

4 Ways to Find Money When You Need It


LoanIt’s very hard when you’re strapped for cash. You have to make concessions. Worse still, you might need money you don’t have to pay for urgent concerns. Don’t worry; it’s not a hopeless situation. Here are some tips to find emergency finances when you need them most:

Take Out Loans

Many of your valuables can be put up for collateral. If you need a significant amount of cash, you can take out a car title loan from reliable lending institutions like You can talk to the lender to compromise on a payment plan that is comfortable for you while ensuring that you get your car’s title back. The good thing about this type of loan is that you don’t have to give up your car.

Sell Unused Items

You can easily sell plenty of your belongings, especially if you took care of them well or you haven’t used them before. If you haven’t used something in the last year, you can quickly sell it online. If you have time and don’t mind reselling your items for very low prices, you can even set up a garage sale. Make sure these items are ones you don’t mind parting with permanently.

Tighten Your Belt

When you need to save every cent, you need to get creative even with your daily expenses. It’s time to use coupons and be alert to discounts. To reduce your utility bills, you can also conserve energy, electricity, and water. Unsubscribe to cable if you don’t watch much television. This is the time to minimize your life. You might find that minimalist living could even be suitable for you permanently.

Track Your Cash Flow

Get into the habit of recording how much money comes in and out of your pocket. Try to be as specific as you can. Once you know your problem areas, you can clearly see where your money is being spent and cut out this activity or make the necessary adjustments.

Hitting your financial rock bottom doesn’t have to be a tragic affair. You can bounce back better when you make the decision to take better control of your money.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Bible

Choosing the Right Bible

Choosing the Right BibleBibles come in different shapes, sizes, versions, and translations. Choosing the right one proves to be a challenge. Everywhere you turn, assortments of specialized Bibles fill the shelves. Whether you’re selecting a Bible as a beginner or for your personal study, determining the right type of Bible amplifies your reading experience.

If you’re having trouble selecting, do not worry. Others also experience confusion in Bible selection. With so many versions and study Bibles available, it’s hard to choose.

Before you purchase from Christian stores such as Shop Paul, consider the following factors:

The Type of Translation

Bible readers should own at least two translations: one for readability and one for scholarship. It’s a good idea to have a particular translation that ministers to you personally. You can also choose translations used by your church for easier follow during the service.

In 2012, the New International Version (NIV) was the leading Bible translation, followed by King James and the New Living Translation. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) is perfect for Bible studies. You can choose from these or you should determine the translation by your intentions.

Consider Readability

The text is important. Beginning readers should aim for Bibles with easy readability for better understanding. It’s difficult to appreciate the Word when you can barely comprehend it. Giving a child a King James Version leads to misunderstandings of the Biblical text. Make sure you get a Bible that’s easy-to-read for better appreciation.

Convenient Physical Format

As mentioned, Bibles come in different shapes and sizes. The Word is also available in floppy leather-bound or hard bound. Also available are hand-sized Bibles that easily fit pockets, briefcases, and glove compartments. Giant Bibles are great for coffee tables and are usually easy to read.

Plain Text, Devotional or Study?

Are you looking for a study bible or a devotional one? Study Bibles possess tools that will help readers dig deeper in the Word for meaning and application. Devotionals include essays for life applications. If you prefer appreciating the Scriptures by themselves, go for plain text.

Your Bible is a life manual to abide by. Choosing the right one for you helps you understand and appreciate God’s message better.