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When the Sniffles Start: 3 Things You Don’t Know About Colds

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Do not let a cold catch you by surprise. As a parent, you should know the basic things about colds to protect your family. Although colds are typically mild conditions, it remains a leading cause of doctor visits and missed days from work and school. London research groups conduct clinical trials to help fight cold viruses.

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Here are some things you need to know about colds:

Cold viruses do not make you feel ill

Experts say it is your own immune response that makes you feel ill. When you catch a cold, the virus attacks the nose and the back of the throat. Your body sends more energy to fight the cold germs, making you feel tired and miserable.

You can get a cold through your eyes

This usually happens when you touch a surface contaminated with germs, and then touch your eyes or nose. Most people touch their eyes and nose more often than they realise. A duct links the eyes and the nasal cavity, making the virus travel easily from your eyes to the nose and throat.

Children get more colds than adults

Children experience an average of 5-7 colds per year. One of the reasons a cold is so common among children is that kids spend more time outdoors and at school where they are in close contact with other kids.

Participating as a clinical trial associate presents many benefits in looking for a cure for different diseases. It is essential, not just to the scientific and pharmaceutical communities, but also to society.


Canada’s Top Three Industries

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Canada may not have a market as large as the United States, but it still has a stable and thriving economy. Many industries prosper in the Great White North that remain world leaders.

Here are some of Canada’s flourishing industries.


The strategic location of Canada plays to its advantage when it comes to agriculture. As it covers wheat and grains, it continues to be an exporting giant, especially as the US is adjacent to it. This sector accounts for 8% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

people farming


There are many leading oil companies in Calgary and other parts of the Great White North, which makes it a strong contender in the energy sector. The country is home to the third largest oil reserve on Earth, and there are already explorations in alternative energy sources in the area.

This competence to adjust to new trends such as hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy production makes Canada a prosperous location for energy-related businesses. A significant 2.9% of the country’s GDP comes from the energy sector, and experts predict that it will rise in the next few years.


The steadily growing service sector already contributes 12% of the GDP. With the many industries within this sector such as retail, tourism, business, and education, it’s no surprise that Canada’s service sector continues to thrive.

Investments are strategic choices, and it is one choice to choose a location that performs well. In this department, Canada is a highly viable option.

Going Beyond YouTube: Integrating Video in Web Design

Stock video footage collections

Video has always been a powerful tool for visual communication, which is why it’s not a wonder thousands flock cinemas and stream music videos on YouTube. The art of videography, however, isn’t limited to streaming sites like Vimeo, as you could harness it for your web design.

The Technology

If you have a creative team, instruct them to create looping video backgrounds on Apple Motion or Adobe AfterEffects. Otherwise, you could always get stock footages from MotionElements and other sources.

Thanks to Flash and HTML 5, it’s now possible to integrate video in your web page, as the technology is able to support the number of frames in video files. For the most part, though, websites use Flash more.

Stock video footage collections

Where It Could Work

The thing with video backgrounds is that they are highly dependent on the Internet speed of your audience. It’s best that you have a fallback video for those with slow speeds and for searchers who don’t have Flash or HTML 5.

Make sure that the video fits your niche. For example, magazine sites wouldn’t use motion backdrops because people go there to read. On a different note, entertainment giants such as Nintendo and Microsoft could benefit from a design, as it conveys the artistry of the company.

Your company’s website is unique and the only portal dedicated for your firm. With that said, be creative with your web design and consider video backgrounds for the layout.

How to Reduce the Risk of Veneer Staining

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Beverly Hills porcelain veneers are naturally resistant to staining. There are instances, however, when veneers may acquire stains. To reduce the risk, consider these pointers:

Use Stain-Resistant Bonding Material

Ask your dentist to use stain-resistant bonding material when placing the veneers. While the veneers themselves are resistant to staining, the material used to bond them to the natural teeth are prone to discoloration.

Avoid Acid Fluoride Treatments

Avoid acid fluoride treatments, as they break down the composition of veneers and make them susceptible to staining.

Man drinking coffee

Avoid Substances that Stain Teeth

Avoid food and drinks that stain teeth, such as tea, coffee, berries, and beets. Refrain from smoking as well, as nicotine produces stains, especially on the edges of the teeth or veneers.

Buy Special Toothpaste

Buy toothpaste formulated specially for veneers and use it as regular toothpaste.

Have the Teeth Polished

Have your teeth polished if you notice staining on the veneers. Getting them polished early on may prevent requiring a detailed and invasive procedure.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Having proper oral hygiene may prevent the veneers from getting stains on the edges.

Even though porcelain veneers are naturally resistant to staining, there are instances when they may acquire stains. To avoid these instances, follow these tips and ask your dentist for more veneer care recommendations.



Relieve Stress: Engage in Outdoor Activities


Outdoors activities are a great way to stay refreshed and healthy. According to studies, being in a natural environment can improve your well-being and outlook. It can lift your mood, help you think more positively, and make you feel calmer.


Relieve stress by engaging in these outdoor activities:


Fishing is an easy and affordable way to relieve stress. It gives your mind something to focus on while being able to work out a few problems in your head. Fishing holidays and tours provide an escape from your daily routines and give you time to search for peace in a natural environment. Fishing also makes for a nice family outing that builds better relationships and social skills.


According to statistics, a little fun boating each day can go a long way in reducing stress. When you step on a boat, you can leave your obligations behind and enter a world of relaxation and peace. Furthermore, recreational boating provides an outlet for entertainment and enriching opportunities for self-discovery.


Camping gives you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and normal environment. It is a great way to connect with nature and appreciate the simple things in life. With the right preparation and management, camping can let you unwind, have fun, and break the stress cycle effectively.

Manage your stress effectively by enjoying the outdoors. Try these activities to experience the pleasure of nature and to feel calmer.

Eliminating Challenges With DOD UID


One of the common problems of companies working with the US Department of Defense is complying with the DOD UID Mandate. Although everything is done electronically, the process can pose many challenges, especially if you are a first-time supplier. Failing to use DOD UID tags and organize data to WAWF effectively could make you look incompetent and potentially cause you to lose your contract.


To help you stay compliant with the DOD UID Mandate, here are two basic things you could use to succeed in this endeavor:

Deep Understanding of the System

Learning the ins and outs of the UID system is a non-negotiable requirement for any DOD supplier. It’s not enough that you understand what is it for, as you must also know the kinds of assets covered by the mandate by heart. You should have a good grasp on the essential qualities of UID tags or labelsand how exactly the system works. Understanding the certain restrictions involved in the process is an important aspect to avoid serious mistakes in the shipment.

Seamless UID Solution

The use of a specialized software is necessary to comply with UID mandates easily. An ideal program integrates each and every aspect of the shipping workflow. It pays to have a solution that covers all of your requirements to eliminate errors throughout the process.

The DOD’s UID system aims to monitor defense-related assets with ease. Be a valuable partner of the government by complying with the UID mandate at all times.

When in Hong Kong: Birthday Treats For Your Loved Ones


Thinking of a remarkable birthday gift idea is more challenging than most people assume it would be. Many say that it’s the thought that counts, but it’ll be useless if your loved ones won’t be happy during their special day. Here are some ideas to help ensure they enjoy every bit of the celebration:


Surfing Experience

If you can’t bring your loved ones to Hawaii, then take them to Ham Tin and experience riding the waves. From October to April, the waves are favourable for those who want to learn how to surf. Private lessons are available and allow you to enjoy learning to surf together. You’ll be surprised at how both of you can stride and pick a wave in no time.

Indoor Ski and Snowboarding

These activities don’t always have to take place in the winter. Take your loved one to Hong Kong’s biggest indoor skiing and snowboarding centres, such as PLAY and Slope Infinity, to experience riding an adjustable ski-slope simulator. Private lessons will teach you and your loved ones how to balance, do different turns, and safe landings.

These two unique birthday gift ideas won’t simply surprise your loved ones. They’ll thank you for the experience, and you’ll also get to bond with them while learning new things.

Asset Management: Key To a Sustainable Mining Enterprise


The mining industry is highly competitive. Most companies find ways to optimise the use of their available resources because failure to do this is costly. For companies that depend mainly on the functionality of their assets, efficient management is important for overall success. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) needs to be incorporated and mastered.


So why incorporate asset management system into your business operations? Here are some reasons:

Improved record keeping

Asset management software helps reduce costs while also giving businesses better financial control. This helps create error-free reports, as the system creates all the data. It can also turn big data into business insights, helping business owners establish the best strategies.

Track assets

EAM systems allow mining companies to keep track of equipment and improve plan production availability. It not only tracks the location of the assets, but also their condition history. Recent changes in technology have led several organisations to consider switching to EAM. For instance, some of the industry leaders such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and Mainpac, now use EAM software.

Informed decision-making

EAM systems do an amazing job of creating work orders for maintenance. The purpose of it is to ensure companies obtain the greatest return on their investment. It helps to deal with the changes and the overall planning of the assets required to run the company.

While asset management system is especially useful during tough times, their benefits definitely go way beyond. Apart from helping companies with business matters, it can also provide convenience to the people who use it.

Real Estate Investment: Building Your Property Portfolio

real estate

Many foreign investors build their portfolio by buying residential or commercial properties online. If you’re among those who would like to invest in properties at Koh Samui or other parts of the booming Southeast Asian destination that is Thailand, here’s a short guide that might help:

real estate

How to Start Investing

Buying your first property is the most important step. Take your time and look for smaller deals to familiarise yourself with how transactions go. It can be difficult to find a property that’s precisely within your budget and fits specific requirements, so it’s best to choose those that have potential. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you only need a stable stepping-stone to proceed to your next investment.

The Number of Properties

This depends on how much you can afford. Most agents and real estate sites sell properties on a payment contract. Compute your budget and determine how many properties you can pay with your disposable income on a monthly basis. Many experts suggest limiting it to three, especially if you’re just getting started.

An investment portfolio can increase your income effectively. This is why many aspiring investors look for properties in Koh Samui and other parts of Thailand or Asia to get started.

A Short History of Britannia

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Many jewellers and bullion traders, such as Atkinsons Coins and Bullions, feature two important British coins in their inventory: the sovereign and the Britannia. Britannia was the name the Romans gave to the British islands when they first conquered the territory and converted it into a new province.

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The Romans later personified Britannia into a goddess similar to Minerva to distinguish the territory from the rest of the Empire. Britannia is often depicted as a female figure wielding a spear, a shield, and a centurion helmet. In later incarnations, Britannia would replace the spear with Neptune’s three-pronged trident to demonstrate the strength of the British Navy.

Britannia first appeared on coins during the reign of Hadrian in the first century AD. By the 17th century, Britannia became a national symbol and represented the country, similar to the idea of Uncle Sam in America today. Her first appearance on British coinage was on a farthing in 1672. In 1694, when the Bank of England was first granted its charter, the directors decided to use Britannia on their official seal. Britannia first appeared on a gold bullion coin in 1987 as the country tried to imitate the success of the South African Krugerr and.

In 2008, Britannia was notably absent in a set of new coin designs unveiled by the Royal Mint. She reappeared a year later on silver coins, and then on gold coins soon after.