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Dry Garden Dilemma: Protecting Your Garden During Drought

drought garden

drought gardenGardening is considered a laidback activity. But, there are times when gardeners themselves can become quite anxious. This usually happens whenever they come face to face with drought.

Drought is an extended period of time where an area receives very little to no rainfall. This could spell disaster for plants, as the latter needs water for its nutrition. Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning landscaping company in Perth, recommends the following garden maintenance tips:

1. Make sure you get the right kind of soil.

If you live in an area where drought can be expected, make sure you have the right kind of soil. Sandy soil might not be the best choice, as it is ineffective in retaining water. On the other hand, while clay soil might be able to retain water, it also has the tendency to get quite hard when exposed to extreme heat. One way of dealing with this is to mix some moisture control products. You can also go for loam soil, as it can retain water without getting hard. You can also stock on water, so you have something to use during the drought season.

2. Mulch your soil.

If having the right kind of soil is not enough to keep supplying your plant with the right amount of moisture, you can always choose to have about 2 to 3 inches of mulch on top of your soil. Mulch is not only great when it comes to maintaining moisture within your soil. It also helps make sure that weeds do no grow around your plants. Keep in mind that weeds can steal moisture.

3. Minimise your use of fertiliser.

Putting fertiliser on your plant encourages growth. This would, in turn, mean an additional need for water and nutrients. Now, since the fertiliser is unable to gather enough moisture for the plant, it could start to build up and cause the roots and stems of your plant to burn.

These are just some of the things that will help your garden stay healthy even when there’s a scarcity of water. Remember, water is a precious resource, so make sure to conserve as much as you can.

Buying Used Office Furniture: A Quick Guide

furnitures office

furnitures officeWhen you start a fresh venture, one of your goals is to minimize the expenditure to save on the starting capital. One good way to save money is to buy second hand furniture for your office instead of brand new ones. Used office furniture can give you more benefits that just money saving. They can help you retain the resale value and are more environment friendly.

But, with used furniture, you need to be extra careful about its age and condition if you want to get good value for money. Main Street Office Furniture, a family owned office furniture company in Salt Lake City, offers a simple guide to buying secondhand office furniture.

Set a Budget

When setting your budget, keep in mind all the basic office furniture you need. Also, be prepared to make compromises if the budget is small. For example, choose metal or plastic furniture instead of wooden ones that are pricier.

Find Reliable Dealers

Next, collect information regarding reliable and reputed used furniture dealers in your locality. You can search the Internet or ask people you know for referrals. Ideally, choose a dealer who has a lot of experience in the market, offers a wide selection of furniture pieces, and has competent prices.

Check the Furniture Condition

Before you finalize a purchase, be sure to check the condition of the furniture carefully. Make sure to do the following:

  • Check if the drawers and doors function properly.
  • Check for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check the strength of the legs.
  • Examine the overall appearance of the furniture.
  • See if you can get a warranty for the used office furniture.

This simple guide should help you save money on office furniture and also make the money spent more than worth it.

Counting People, Counting Books

patron counter

patron counterPeople counting devices have been in use for many years now. The ones used in libraries and other public utility areas are a type called patron counters. Like others of its kind, these keep track of the number of people who enter the library, on a given day.

These figures prove that the use of the library facilities has increased, although actual circulation has not. This helps you serve the public better with improved facilities, and to improve the number and efficiency of your staff.

The Various Other Advantages

The most important benefit is that changes in funding will have justification if you have accurate data on the number of people patronizing the library. Figures from a patron counter may lead you to decide if you need more staff, or if you need to increase the efficiency of the existing ones. You can easily determine if staff ratio is optimal.

This device also determines the areas most frequented by people. Such figures are useful for renovations, rearrangements, and other studies. You can also determine the doors that they most use so you can place information kiosks and refreshment stalls there.

Patron counters also give you ideas if you need to change the library’s operating hours.

Standalone, Directional and PC-Based Devices

The most preferred standalone ones use an infrared beam for their patron counters. Companies that sell these devices usually install, maintain and monitor these devices, and can tell you strategic locations where they can do their work optimally.

The directional devices determine the areas the visitors patronize at specific times. You can use this data to define personnel requirements and library hours.

Meanwhile, PC-based devices are excellent at recording and storing the data of the number of people entering the library. With this data, you can reduce operations when you know the library will not be busy.

Thus, the kind of information this device provides will give you the opportunity to increase circulation and make the flow of traffic in a library more productive.

Buying Steel Ornamentals – Online

steel ornaments

steel ornamentsShopping and purchasing goods through the Internet, has become common today. You can buy anything online – from huge earthmoving equipment to small trinkets and keychains. But, do you know that you can even buy steel online, too? You can buy any steel product including ornamentation, jewelry and other household articles.


Since stainless steel is versatile, people employ it in the creation of various items. As a decorative medium, stainless steel is popular because of its sheen. Artists use it for sculptures for your garden both big and small, and interior designers apply it on various kinds of pipe work, ornamental staircases, and balustrades.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

The stainless variety is durable, does not rust and resistant to large temperature variations. This makes them easier to maintain than other types of ornamental metal. Today, artists can finish ornamental pieces with different coatings.

A Few Caveats

Observe adequate care when buying these steel ornamentals online, because you will not see them physically. Apart from the usual precautions while shopping over the ‘net, doubly ensure that the website is genuine and the articles consist of actual stainless steel. Trust only trustworthy dealers and transact your business with a representative or on their official website.

Advantages of Online Steel Shopping

While purchasing from websites, you can browse through the various options available at your own pace, shortlist them, and compare the features and prices of the products from other websites. By contrast, this kind of comparison is very tiring when you buy from physical stores, as you will have to go from one shop to another. In online shopping, you can place orders from the comforts of your home and have the items home delivered instead.

Thus, it is more convenient to buy these products over the Internet. Most of the time , online retail stores offer cheaper prices, and you may even get free shipping.

Making Money from An Ended Business

Motel Business

Motel BusinessMost people associate the end of business with its failure, that is not necessarily the case. For some business owners, ending a business is just a way of pooling available resources to start a bigger venture.

For example, business owners who put up their motel for sale could be a step to purchase land for a bigger hotel. In cases like this, companies like recommend the following:

  1. Keep careful documentation.

As with any business, your prospective buyers look at the profitability of your motel. To let them see that, you need to present historical financial documents for, at the very least, the last five years. This entails keeping precise documentation and records.

  1. Get a business broker.

While you can save a few hundred dollars if you sell your business on your own, you will have a hard time before you can find the right buyer. Of course, doing the whole transaction on your own would only succeed if you are thoroughly familiar with market conditions of buying and selling motels.

  1. Focus on how you present your motel.

Ensure the cleanliness of your motel, especially when you have to deal with clients scheduled to visit. Long before that date, however, make sure that you have repaired everything that needs repairing. Presenting a motel that needs a lot of repair work would induce the buyers to ask for a discounted price, since they would likely shoulder the repair costs.

  1. Put everything in writing.

Now, when you have a buyer ready to make the payment, do not forget to put everything in a written contract. This would protect both you and the other party from any misunderstanding later on. Also, be ready for the possibility of the buyer asking for a different method of payment. Consider your cash flow before agreeing to anything.

A business going kaput is not necessarily the end of the line – there are still ways to make returns off it, as long as you do it the right way. As they say, a new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, and the proceeds that you can make in this phase may give you the necessary capital to start a new business.

E-2 Visa Application: For US Partners and Friends

application visa

application visaEntering the United States is not easy, as you need to meet certain criteria. Depending on the reason for your visit, you will receive relevant authorization that will clearly state the period of your stay in the country. The US immigration offices do not guarantee this authorization, however.

Several types of visas exist, so outsiders can enter the country. One of this is the E-2, or the Treaty Visa. This is how it works.

Alien businessmen from partner nations

E-2 is for businessmen and entrepreneurs from countries America has a standing commercial or trade partnership with. These alien entrepreneurs can come into the United States and start their business under this authorization.

Recently it has become popular for businessmen to come into the US with big business plans. They get some favorable tax exemptions for their trouble, and they can bring their spouse and children under 21 years. Children brought to the US under this scheme are eligible to receive American education.

Partner Nations

Nations who have bilateral treaties related to investment or have agreements on free trade with the United States are “partner countries”. Some current examples are Taiwan, Canada and Australia.

For citizens of non-partner countries who wish to avail of an E-2 visa, they can apply for citizenship to any of the US partner countries. After all, it is relatively simple to become a citizen of Australia or Canada than the US.

Investment Requirements

Generally, the investment should be at least $ 50,000 or more to begin the business, which must also require hiring at least two US citizens.

The applicant must be a high-level staffer in the business, at least a manager, and should hold more than 50% of the shares of the business.

Good Tax Allowances

The most appealing part of this authorization is the tax advantages it offers. This is not a green card related authorization and therefore there are good tax exemptions.

The tax falls under the overseas asset category. This is, however a two-year temporary authorization that applicants can renew or extend within some limitations.

Unlike the huge investment required for EB-5, for example, E-2 visa is fairly straightforward and cheaper, but requires the candidate to have come from a US partner country. This is good news for US allies, as well.

Tough It Up: Floor Coatings to Strengthen a Concrete Floor

floor coating

floor coatingCoatings can change dull floors into something interesting and colorful. When applied to concrete floors, the usual gray surfaces look more appealing and refreshed. These also protect the floors from normal wear and tear.

Clean Thoroughly Before Application

The best tip for proper application is that you should clean and de-grease the floors. There should not be any wetness or moisture left on the flooring. Treat the floor with an acid etcher next.

Afterwards, apply the proper coating. Once the application covers the whole flooring, then you have to apply at least two coats of the appropriate sealers.

Several Options Available recognises two concrete coatings. One is the penetrate coat and the other is the film-forming sealers. This job can take a lot of time and effort to do perfectly.

These finishes protect the flooring, especially concrete ones. Concrete is a very porous substance, and if there is no finish on it, it will soak up all the moisture and water on its surface. This will lead to structural damage and make the floors look quite unsightly.

Advantages of Floor Finishes

This finish prevents the water from seeping into the material and thus prevents cracks and damages. It also reduces staining.

They also prevent tears and scratches as the finish forms a thick film on the cement surfaces. This leads to a floor that you can maintain easily, as cleaning them is simple and effortless.

Suitable For Homes and Factories

A cement floor looks good only when they have the appropriate coating. You can reapply after a couple of years with new finishes that would be available by then. In fact, without coating, the only alternative is a carpet, which is more expensive and entails more effort in maintenance and cleaning.

Carpets are suited only for home and office lobbies. Carpets are, however, not suitable for floors in factories and in other industrial establishments. For places where foot traffic is much higher, this kind of cement floor finishes makes the floors durable; carpets will just tear apart after a few weeks or months.

Get the right kind of coating, especially for a cement or concrete floor. For people who are unsure of the exact type of coating they need, they can always call professionals for advice, but always choose coatings when you need to protect the flooring from industrial or heavy use.

Disposable Dental Products to Prevent Infection

dental supplies

dental suppliesHospitals and health care centers are institutions of healing. It is thus important to safeguard these places against infection and infectious diseases. All patients who enter these centers should come out of them feeling better and healed, while everyone else who enters these places in good health should remain so when they come out.

When an infection happens in these centers, then there is mismanagement in their sanitation procedures. This is why Discount Disposables argues that one of the best ways to keep hygiene is to have adequate supplies of disposable tools and products.

Necessary to Prevent Infections

This is essential in dental centers, as the oral cavity is the threshold of the all-important digestive systems. This is also because the gums and mouth contain mucous membranes, which are sensitive to the slightest of infection.

The tools dentists use involve contact with blood and saliva, the important body fluids, and if these fluids contain pathogens, it can spread to other patients. This means their tools need proper sterilization or disposal after usage.

Disposable Supplies

Disposable supplies include gloves and syringes, and occasionally mouth mirrors, because they suffer exposure to patients’ saliva; most disposable supplies comprise a plastic material, making them relatively inexpensive.

Other supplies that need disposal after use include impression trays. These consist of hygienic plastics like needles. For metal trays, however, dentists need to disinfect them thoroughly after each session.

Another is an irrigation tip, used to flush plaque, tartar or medicine. Saliva and blood stick to these plastic tips, necessitating disposal.

Instead of the usual sterilization methods, disposal of used instruments and other small tools can help prevent spread of infection. This is true because though patients can transmit infection through air, liquid medium is still the best means of transfer of germs and diseases. This is why it is of prime importance that dentists observe all care to prevent this, and the easiest ways to do this is to dispose of used supplies.

Comparing Wood and Vinyl Plantation Shutters: The Better Choice

White Plantation ShuttersOf all the different types of shutters, plantation shutters are among the most popular. Apart from being relatively affordable, they also tend to be quite practical, particularly because of their louvres and low maintenance feature.

Wood vs. Vinyl

Although plantation shutters are known to be economical, how much you save largely depends on what kind of material you would like for your shutter. Two of the most common materials used in shutters are wood and vinyl. Here’s the point-by-point comparison between the two:

  1. Size and Strength

According to, high-quality internal timber shutters tend to be stronger than those made of vinyl. In fact, most vinyl shutters cannot be manufactured in sizes greater than 29 inches wide. Most of the time, if the measurement is nearing the said mark, you would need to have some form of support, so your vinyl shutter will not sag in the middle.

  1. Colours

Although vinyl shutters come in different colours, once you have selected one, you are stuck with it forever. In the case of timber shutters, however, you have the option of changing the colours as you see fit.

  1. Maintenance

If there is one area where vinyl is the clear winner, it would be maintenance. They rarely need to be repainted, and they do not easily get affected by changing weather conditions. There are also some models of vinyl that are fire retardant. They are also not prone to peeling or fading. While both wood and vinyl shutters would only require a simple wiping of dust, wood needs to be treated on a regular basis to make sure insects, such as termite, do not eat it away.

Now, while these would give you an idea which material best suits your need, you also need to consider the look of your home and your budget before finally choosing one.


Household Problems that are Causing you Money

broken faucet

broken faucetIt’s typical to have a few home repairs here and there. Of course there will be times when professionals aren’t needed and you can do the fixing yourself. These usually fall under changing light bulbs or even clogged drainage. Then, there are times when broken fixtures or leaking faucets are just ignored because one, they seem to be doing no harm and two, you just may be having a busy month.

It is these seemingly harmless broken household items that may cost you more money. A leaking faucet may just mean, well, money down the drain.

A leaking faucet, no matter how little water is dropping from it, may mean bigger water bills, cites Just imagine all the water that is wasted while you are away at work or, worse on vacation. Apart from the unnecessary hassle of having a wet floor or the eerie sound of dropping water all through the night, another sure-fire money-waster are running toilet. Even if you don’t see water accumulating in a sink or in a tub, the fact is, water is constantly running and going through the drain inside the toilet bowl. Of course, when faced with these problems, it is best to contact a plumbing contractor for that quick, easy fix.

Another money-waster is the heater that provides too much or too little heat. You could just imagine all the gas that’s being pumped into the heater and providing you with a service that’s less than stellar. Anything that doesn’t give you the best service is of course a waste of money. Add to these broken appliances that take too much electricity, or bulbs with wattage that aren’t necessarily the best fit for your home.

Running a household and making sure everything is working out fine can be a difficult job. It also goes without saying that keeping a household can be a little tough on the budget. But expenses can be reduced, especially when you make sure every item is running perfectly fine. You can get the best out of the appliances and fixture and, more importantly, you get to save money.