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Frameless Glass Shower Screens: A Must-Have in Modern Bathrooms

Glass shower screens

Glass shower screensFrameless shower screens have becoming increasingly popular must-haves in modern bathrooms. Its sleek and minimalist look transforms any room design. Experts from list down other reasons these design features are a hot trend right now:

They are Simple and Sophisticated

The golden rule in interior design is to keep it simple. Simplicity is sophistication. It cuts out all distractions and creates a clean look for the space. This is exactly what glass shower screens do. Its minimalist design emphasises other bathroom features, which effectively creates interior focal points.

They Make the Bathroom Bigger

Shower curtains and opaque materials are now a thing of the past as more homeowners are looking for ways to make their space look bigger. Glass shower screens allow an unrestricted view of the entire bathroom. This creates an illusion of bigger space.

They are Durable

Technology makes glass shower screens more durable that they can last a lifetime. They come in different layers of thickness. Also, you don’t have to worry about mould growth that could ruin the material. Glass is easy to clean and maintain that there will be no way mould can grow in it.

Frameless glass shower screens are free from corrosion as well because they don’t use metal frames. This ensures that you can count on the long service life of these fixtures.

They Allow More Natural Light

There’s probably no other room in the house that needs natural light more than the bathroom. This is the place where you put on make-up or see yourself first thing in the morning. Of course, you want to see yourself in a good light—literally and figuratively—to start your day. The last thing you need in your bathroom is a fixture that will reduce natural light coming in.

Glass balustrades are the perfect solution. It doesn’t block natural light, giving you that sufficient lighting you need. You can also cut down electricity expenses because you don’t have to use artificial lighting.

Frameless glass shower screens are a coveted design feature in bathrooms. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil paradise with frameless glass shower screens.

4 Ways to Find Money When You Need It


LoanIt’s very hard when you’re strapped for cash. You have to make concessions. Worse still, you might need money you don’t have to pay for urgent concerns. Don’t worry; it’s not a hopeless situation. Here are some tips to find emergency finances when you need them most:

Take Out Loans

Many of your valuables can be put up for collateral. If you need a significant amount of cash, you can take out a car title loan from reliable lending institutions like You can talk to the lender to compromise on a payment plan that is comfortable for you while ensuring that you get your car’s title back. The good thing about this type of loan is that you don’t have to give up your car.

Sell Unused Items

You can easily sell plenty of your belongings, especially if you took care of them well or you haven’t used them before. If you haven’t used something in the last year, you can quickly sell it online. If you have time and don’t mind reselling your items for very low prices, you can even set up a garage sale. Make sure these items are ones you don’t mind parting with permanently.

Tighten Your Belt

When you need to save every cent, you need to get creative even with your daily expenses. It’s time to use coupons and be alert to discounts. To reduce your utility bills, you can also conserve energy, electricity, and water. Unsubscribe to cable if you don’t watch much television. This is the time to minimize your life. You might find that minimalist living could even be suitable for you permanently.

Track Your Cash Flow

Get into the habit of recording how much money comes in and out of your pocket. Try to be as specific as you can. Once you know your problem areas, you can clearly see where your money is being spent and cut out this activity or make the necessary adjustments.

Hitting your financial rock bottom doesn’t have to be a tragic affair. You can bounce back better when you make the decision to take better control of your money.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Bible

Choosing the Right Bible

Choosing the Right BibleBibles come in different shapes, sizes, versions, and translations. Choosing the right one proves to be a challenge. Everywhere you turn, assortments of specialized Bibles fill the shelves. Whether you’re selecting a Bible as a beginner or for your personal study, determining the right type of Bible amplifies your reading experience.

If you’re having trouble selecting, do not worry. Others also experience confusion in Bible selection. With so many versions and study Bibles available, it’s hard to choose.

Before you purchase from Christian stores such as Shop Paul, consider the following factors:

The Type of Translation

Bible readers should own at least two translations: one for readability and one for scholarship. It’s a good idea to have a particular translation that ministers to you personally. You can also choose translations used by your church for easier follow during the service.

In 2012, the New International Version (NIV) was the leading Bible translation, followed by King James and the New Living Translation. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) is perfect for Bible studies. You can choose from these or you should determine the translation by your intentions.

Consider Readability

The text is important. Beginning readers should aim for Bibles with easy readability for better understanding. It’s difficult to appreciate the Word when you can barely comprehend it. Giving a child a King James Version leads to misunderstandings of the Biblical text. Make sure you get a Bible that’s easy-to-read for better appreciation.

Convenient Physical Format

As mentioned, Bibles come in different shapes and sizes. The Word is also available in floppy leather-bound or hard bound. Also available are hand-sized Bibles that easily fit pockets, briefcases, and glove compartments. Giant Bibles are great for coffee tables and are usually easy to read.

Plain Text, Devotional or Study?

Are you looking for a study bible or a devotional one? Study Bibles possess tools that will help readers dig deeper in the Word for meaning and application. Devotionals include essays for life applications. If you prefer appreciating the Scriptures by themselves, go for plain text.

Your Bible is a life manual to abide by. Choosing the right one for you helps you understand and appreciate God’s message better.

Graphene: The Next Mouthwash

Dental HygieneBack in the Middle Ages, everything and anything was because of the malignant influence of demons or some other form of the supernatural. These days, we know that ailments and illnesses are because of the presence of germs and bacteria. The formulation of the germ theory was a big step in the right direction of understanding the world, and we are still on that journey.

Everyone knows that bacteria are what make people sick, the next problem is figuring out how to stop them from doing that. For most of modern medical history antibiotics have been the main weapon against the spread of disease and infection. Unfortunately, natural selection also applies to microbes and the new germs are developing a resistance to the tried and true methods.

This means that doctors need to find something else to fight bacteria with the same effectiveness of antibiotics. Dentists may be ahead of the curve in this case, since they may already have a suitable replacement in the form of graphene oxide.

According to dental professionals at, graphene oxide is a chemical compound of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in varying ratios. The structure is already in use in various hygiene and health industries such as water purification, DNA analysis, and plastic coating. Given the effects the material has at the microscopic level, dentists tested whether it would be effective in neutralizing specific bacteria that cause dental diseases.

The results, published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, found that the material was effective in retarding the growth and spread of three different kinds of bacteria with links to tooth loss. Researchers observed that the chemicals destroyed the cell walls and membranes of the bacteria, effectively slowing their growth.

The subject will of course require more studies to test if the material can have more aggressive effects against bacteria, as well as if it is completely safe to use in the human mouth. But the potential of the material is great and has a bright future in dentistry.

Cool School Uniforms from Movies and Television Shows

hogwarts uniform

hogwarts uniformAs the saying goes, you are what you wear. While school uniforms do not seem like they could allow students to express their true style, some uniforms still enable students to look incredibly stylish.

School clothing manufacturers choose the best materials and implement thorough quality checks to produce clothing that students would be proud to wear.

Even movies and television shows are not far from using uniforms to add a bit of style to their characters.

1. The Hogwarts Uniform from Harry Potter

Wizard or not, don’t you think the characters of Harry Potter look dashing in those Hogwarts uniforms? The male uniform features a black robe, a black vest, dark slacks and a black and white button-down shirt. The female uniform features the same black robe with a black sweatshirt, black skirt and button down white top. The uniforms also feature a tie or a patch to go with their “houses”. Students can accessorise and choose their own footwear.

2. The Japanese-Style Uniform from Playful Kiss

As the series was originally from a Japanese manga, Playful Kiss features Japanese-style school uniforms. Japanese school girls wear short skirts and knee-high socks. Some add accessories and details to match their style. The uniform from this show features a dark blue fabric with a sophisticated touch to Japanese-style school wear.

3. The Bold Uniform from the Assassination of a High School President

The 2008 film Assassination of a High School President features Mischa Barton in the regal school wear of her character Francesca Fachini. The uniform gives off a feeling of confidence and superiority, much like Barton’s character in the movie. It comes with a white long-sleeved blouse, a dark vest, a coloured tie and a short gorgeous skirt. Knee-high socks match perfectly with the dark-coloured skirt. The design makes it an inspiration for the school wear of young girls.

School can be fun, especially if you love what you wear. Not all schools uniforms are plain; clothing manufacturers can produce school wear that look fun yet fashionable. You just have to find them.

Great Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

outdoor shutterThe need to use less energy isn’t just a concern for governments and corporations; it is also an issue for many homeowners and average consumers. People are searching for more ways to not just reduce their energy bills, but to help in environmental conservation. Some have even resorted to installing their very own solar panels, which can definitely be a great investment for those who can afford them.

There are other ways of reducing your energy bill, though. You can start with relatively simple choices to make your home more energy efficient. Building your home according to passive design principles is but one option you can try.

Here are other practical tips on how you can lower your energy bill:

1. Limit your use of air conditioning and heating systems

Instead of always relying on your air conditioning system to cool down, why not just allow air to flow into your house? You can open doors and windows for a few hours every day so that the breeze can circulate in your home and bring the temperature down. To maximise your heating, make sure your home is adequately insulated to prevent heat loss.

2. Use electrical appliances that have lower energy consumption

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now more electrical appliances that require less energy to operate. Always choose lighting systems, kitchen equipment and even entertainment devices that have high star ratings. A high rating ensures that these appliances are equipped with features that allow them to work optimally, but with a reduced need for electricity.

3. Install outdoor shutters

Another way to reduce energy consumption is to install outdoor shutters. in Perth says that these simple window treatments have a positive effect on your cooling and heating systems. They help keep out heat coming in through the windows on hot days. These shutters also prevent heat from escaping through the windows when you have your heating on during cold days.

You do not need complicated solutions just to experience the benefits of living in an energy efficient home. As long as you make the right decisions, you can consume less energy and help save resources. You’ll also have more money that you can use for other things than just for paying off your energy bill.

Asset Protection: Safeguarding the Health of Your Wealth

real estate

real estateBeing wealthy is something many people wish to become. Keep in mind, however, that it’s more than going on lavish trips, buying pricey cars, or enjoying a decadent lifestyle. More often than not, wealthy people are busy coming up with strategies to grow, distribute, and protect their assets.

Even if you don’t consider yourself rich enough, you can take inspiration on how the opulent treat their assets. You need to realise that asset protection is not just an alternative; it’s a must to secure the future of your investments and your family.


The first thing you need to do is plan everything as much as you can. This means anticipating all the bad things that may happen to your wealth and coming up with appropriate courses of actions. If you’re a businessperson, the best (and the simplest) that you can do is separate personal assets from those of your business. You may change the type of ownership to minimise liabilities.

It’s advisable to get insurance. Start with the policies for your health, and then get insurance for your tangible assets.

On Real Estate

Apart from getting insurance for additional layer of protection, investing in property management is essential, as well. This may not directly protect the asset from financial threats, but it can increase its value and protect it from physical devastations, such as hurricanes and vandalism, by keeping it in shape. As noted by McGees Property, “Effectively managing commercial, industrial and retail property calls for a rare breed of manager. One who is committed to achieving optimal performance from every asset over the long haul.”


Diversification is one of the most popular methods of protecting the assets, especially the ones that come in form of stocks, bonds, and equities. Diversification easily means separating your assets and putting them in right places to minimise the risk of losing.

More importantly, you should keep the measures simple. Often, elaborate policies are hard to understand. You should work with professionals, such as lawyers and financial advisors.

Change Your View With Window Films

window film

window filmA few years ago, you had to pay a premium to your glass installer to have unique designs for your new glass windows. If you had a little more budget in your hands, you can even go for beautiful but extremely expensive etched or stained glass. These days, you don’t have to go through all that trouble. Window films can be an inspiration for do-it-yourself projects. Cleargard Australia shares a few ways you can use them to liven up your interiors.

Control Light With Window Films

One main reason to apply films on your windows is to control light. For example, you have a clerestory window that allows too much sun in the morning and it bothers certain areas in your home. Covering it up would defeat the purpose of having it in the first place, but you still don’t want to suffer glare every time you pass by it. One great solution is to apply a film covering that can lessen but not completely cover up the entire clerestory, allowing some but not too much natural light inside your home.

Protect Your Home from Too Much Sun

In areas that get high sun exposure, sun protection can also be good. Window films work like sunglasses for your eyes, keeping UV rays to a safe minimum and even saving you a few bucks in air conditioning costs.

Keep Private Things Private

A window privacy film is the perfect addition to parts of your home that you wish to keep private, but still want some natural light to brighten up. A bathroom window that faces the street would benefit from a privacy film while the windows in your children’s bedroom would also be a great decorative idea without having to install heavy curtains.

Personalise Opacities

There are places in your home where you want as much natural light to enter but still want to keep things away from the public’s eye. This is where window films come in. With customisable opacities you can choose the level of privacy you need for wherever you need it.

House of Horror: Top 3 Places in Your Home Where Germs Breed


CarpetYour home is the last place where you want to feel unsafe. It can be, however, the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Your home could very well be an incubator for things that compromise health. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them at bay, but if you do not know where to clean, you might just be wasting energy cleaning in the wrong places.

Some spots inside the house will need extra attention when cleaning. You might be surprised that your toilet comes last. Bacteria thrives because of factors like moisture and heat. If you want to rid your livings spaces of these germs, it is important to know where to look. Here is what should be part of your must-clean list:


Your carpet can be a hotbed for germs, and can have 200,000 bacteria per square inch—more than the germs found in the typical toilet. Bacteria like campylobacter, micrococcus, and enterococci can thrive in your carpet and pose serious health risks. Carpet cleaning experts in Draper say you must clean your carpets and mattresses regularly, for good measure.

Home Office

Your home office can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is because most homeowners tend to neglect cleaning it regularly. The electronics, especially the computer’s keyboard and mouse, can collect dirt and be dirtier than a kitchen sink. Make sure to keep disinfecting products specially made for cleaning electronics on hand.


Lastly, you might want to clean your bathtub before soaking in it, especially if it is a whirlpool tub. This is because bacteria can get trapped then multiply in the pipes. When you turn on the jets, they can be blown into the tub. Be sure to clean the tub regularly and schedule pipe maintenance.

Germs and bacteria are ever-present, but by cleaning your house regularly and knowing where to go first, you can banish these disease-causing germs and make your home safer.

Treat Your Patient’s Teeth with Clean Water

drinking water

drinking waterThe glass of water a patient drinks before, during and after a dental procedure is something that could either make or break the reputation of your dental clinic. Remember that with the kind of environment nowadays, it is not safe anymore to drink water from the tap. In fact in many areas around the globe, millions of people are using mineral water or water filters to have safe drinking water.

Pipes Rust Too

In addition to climate change, other factors that make water unsafe to drink is that pipes rust over time, or there could be a problem with the sewage system that the water company ought to look into. With a growing population, more and more people demand clean water supply. The bad news however is that wastes are continually being disposed improperly, which leads to piling up of landfills.

When is the Right Time, the Right Time

Many stomach diseases can be acquired from drinking dirty water. It can even lead to one’s death. As mentioned earlier, you can never be sure if the water your patient is using is safe or not. It may have the clear appearance of water but you can never see the tiny harmful microorganisms in it. This might be a good time for a dental waterline testing.


Your dental waterline can be tested and treated through several ways. A technician can check to see if your waterline is contaminated with harmful microorganisms and clean it for you. Otherwise he can attach a gadget with a filter – something similar to the filters you use for your drinking water – only it’s attached to your dental waterline. This way you can get rid of the harmful impurities in your tap water. You would only need to replace the filter every 3 months like the water filter you use for drinking.

To be guaranteed of safe drinking water, you may request the technician to check and clean your dental waterline and attach a filter as well. It may cost you a little but you never have to worry about your patient’s health with this system.